Bathroom Before & After

Y'ALL. IT'S DONE!!! It's taken a little bit at a time over the past two years but we are finally done with our bathroom renovation. Check out these before and after pictures and some of the projects we did along the way!

So check this paint job out. Blue and periwinkle stripes in all their glory. Awesome cabinet above the toilet, beautiful seashell sink, and dated faucet all included. What's really crazy is that someone genuinely put in a lot of time to make these stripes because they're PAINTED. And it took five coats of paint to cover them. 

So this was our bandaid reno. We painted the cabinets black and changed out the hardware. We added a new light fixture, a new faucet, and cabinet. We even framed the builders grade mirror that was hanging on the wall. So not horrible, but not wonderful. So this is how it sat for the last year while we completed project after project in other parts of the house. 

The most obvious improvement is this sink. (Insert all the heart eye emojis). You can see how we went about tearing out the old sink and installing the new one here. The beadboard sides ties it into our kitchen, it's about 4 inches taller which is actually really nice, and the lighter color and basin really brightens up the small space. 

I really think I'll be out of luck if we move to another state. All of our decor is Kentucky related. Including this awesome print from ChecleyTateDesigns

Open shelving seemed like the right option for this small space. Our home was good when it came to the bones of the house, but it really was lacking in character. These wooden shelves have been a fun way to add some warmth to the space. Check out my DIY tutorial on how to make them here

Oh how I love this print. I have a few antique pieces in our home and this one is from a sweet friend. Again with the character and charm. 

So that's it! It's a small space, but I really think we've cleaned it up into something nice! It's clean, simple, and best of all no more stripes!