Bathroom Before & After

Our bathroom has just finished with a two year long overhaul and I could not be more excited! It has been a series of little projects at a time. We finished everything up with a shower replacement and an entire weekend of painting!

Here are some of the before pictures I have of when we bought the house going on three years ago! (Which is crazy to me that we have been here that long. Also kind of crazy to look at the long list of projects we've mangaed to do during that time). 

These pictures of the shower don't do it much justice, but we were really starting to have problems with it. The glass door was broken and attached inappropriately and so it would swing, as it was only attached at the top! It was forever fifthly and grimy, despite my best efforts to clean everything. Once we started noticing water damage around the outside of the shower and around the baseboards, we decided we needed to go ahead and move forward with this project before it got any worse.   

One of the first updates we did to the bathroom was adding these barn doors to give us the option to close off this space at night. With the skylight in the en suite we wanted something to block out the sounds of rain and the sun early in the morning... plus it was an excuse to have barn doors. You can check out a tutorial on how to make your own here!


Next up was painting the cabinets and changing out the hardware. At first, I painted everything black and liked it that way for a while. Now that I have painted the doors gray and the walls white though, I opted for something a little lighter. So yes, I have painted this sink twice already. 

Doesn't that look so much better though?! We also framed the mirror with molding and painted it white, so everything looks a little more polished and is very clean and bright. Even the faucets and light fixtures go so much better with this color scheme. Plus, this was the one room that the previous owners didn't have any extra paint to, so when I went to spackle some holes, I didn't have any paint to cover them up! I was very hesitant to paint a room white, but it has made both this room and the room with the shower seem much larger! We also reoirneted the bathroom door to open out instead of in to give the illusion of a bigger space. 

I have been a CRAZY person trying to find a runner for this space. It's a weird size (2-2.5 x 4-5 ft for anyone who wants to help me look) and I'm looking for something bright and fun to offset all of my neutrals in here. I'd really love one of those PINK oriental rugs (sorry Aaron), so if anyone could help me find something like this I would be forever grateful!


Again, my photography skills are more than wanting, but this shower is an absolute dream. It's so bright and CLEAN, plus with taking out the weird seats and insert, it's substantially larger too. The clear glass instead of the frosted helps to open up the size of the room as well!

I'm really loving on gold accent pieces lately. Go figure. Aaron picked out the black fixtures and frame on this shower, even though my inclination was to go with the silver, and I'm so glad he was the one to pick! It looks great and has a classic feel to it!

We have come such a long way on this house, and have really been able to make it our own! I know you are never truly done working on your home (especially when you're me), but it's nice to feel like it's actually OUR space.