Basement Before & After


With our house being a ranch, it was pretty important to us that this house had a basement. We like it from a safety standpoint, but honestly, a second living space for all of Aaron's music and video game stuff was ideal. 

The carpets that were down here originally had something seriously gross going on with them. They had just been there too long, and the foam underneath it was literally rotting. I got so fed up with the smell and look of it, that one weekend when Aaron was out of town, I ripped everything up, down to the studs/concrete. He was just a little surprised when he came home :) 


The carpet was my biggest complaint about this space. The ceiling lights were extremely dated, and painting this half wall red, only drew more attention to the foundation. And we can't forget, my favorite, vertical blinds. 



1. Rip up all the carpet
2. Put down new flooring and trim
3. Install new stair treads, sand, stain, and runner
4. Paint stairwell and back wall
5. Replace blinds
6. Create window valence
7. Turn closet into mudroom
8. Paint doors and hardware
9. Install ceiling fan & light fixture
10. Set up music room & paint piano


I really like having the runner as opposed to the full carpet on the stairs. It makes it look much more updated, but still has the saftey and comfort benefits of the carpet. 


This "mudroom: is one of my favorite spaces. It's right when you come in from the garage, so we used it to drop our bags, coats, etc. which was great. Plus it gave Aaron a place for all of his hats! We have a closet space in our new house by the front door that I am wanting to create something similar. 


Still love this wine rack. My dad and I made it back when Pinterest first came around and I've had it since we lived in our apartment. 


We've loved having an actual space for Aaron's music stuff. We're  glad that our new house will have enough space in the basement to do this again. Although the piano is not going all the way to the basement in the new house, which both my dad and Aaron are happy about. 


And that's our basement! It's not anything crazy, but it has added so much more functional living space to our home. This space has held many a movie night, gaming marathon, craft project, and more. These memories are what make this home special to me, and what make it hard to leave!