Barre Code Louisville


Who doesn't love feeling like a strong, badass? Over the last year Aaron and I have really started to take our health seriously and have been being active as much as possible. We've been mixing it up with cardio, weight lifting, crazy things like being covered head to toe in mud at a Spartan race, and my latest adventure has been Barre Code. 

To be perfectly honest, I came in way over confident. If I can run 5 miles, surely I can handle a little barre? WRONG :) It has been a great change of pace to mix things up and challenge myself. Muscles I merely thought I had been using, are targeted in every class, and if I want, I can leave with them shaking. 


My personal health and body image journey have not always been an easy one. I have at times, hated what I saw in the mirror, played the ever impossible comparison game, and just not understood why I didn't look like my friends. Over the course of my young adulthood, my attitude toward myself and my body have completely changed. I just want to be the healthiest version of me. My body, my shape, my height, just for me. 

I eat healthy, but not perfect. I used to obsess over calories, or fat content, and would feel guilty over eating anything "bad." Now I haven't owned a scale in years and after a year and a half of not dieting, just making better choices and moving, I am JUST about able to fit back into my high school jeans. Crazier still, is I'm almost 25 pounds heavier than high school Jessica. Something to be said for gaining muscle (and a little more work to do lol). 

It's so refreshing to be able to get ready for the day, and not be upset by what I see in the mirror. Yes I still have the extra weight, the cellulite, and little imperfections. Honestly, probably more than I used to, that comes with another decade of time. And while I am serious about being the best version of me, I also just want to ENJOY my life. 

I'm short. I will FOREVER have hips. I have a long torso and short legs. I get acne when I'm stressed. I have small, chubby fingers. But I also am the only sibling with hair the color of my dad. I have weird golden eyes that are kind of fun. I love my freckles, and I strangely like my nose. And while when I find another pair of pants with the thighs worn out from rubbing together is annoying, I like how little my waist is. I love feeling strong and like I can take care of things myself. I like that I can run decently fast, although I'm sure it looks hilarious with my short legs :) 

So here's to being the best version of me! Barre Code Louisville is a results-driven women's fitness program combining cardio, strength training, and restoration. You will be amazed how much small weights and movements can add up!

How fun are these beauty stations they have to spruce you back up after? However, if you're anything like me, nothing short of a bucket of water will do the trick lol


Coming from someone who is not a dancer, with very little rhythm, it's been fun to add something I'm not comfortable with or used to into my weekly routine. Plus, you all, their attire is way too cute! I wanted one of everything! If I can't look cute after a work out, at least my clothes can be!

If you're looking for a place to build your strength and your confidence, come check out Barre Code Louisville. They have total body workouts, heated workouts, cardio centered workouts, kickboxing, all sorts of variety. It'll be fun, I promise!