Backyard Overhaul

Whether it's a quiet evening reading in the hammock with the soft glow of lights and crickets chirping, or a loud, fun patio evening with bonfires and friends, Enbrighten Cafe Lights by Jasco will brighten your experience. I've teamed up with Jasco to show you my latest home improvement project! Make sure you enter the giveaway at the bottom of the page! 

Our backyard was in complete disarray when we bought it. The flower beds had not been weeded for over eight months, there were rotting horseshoe boards, and there was no design or style to anything. We are slowly making the steps in order to change that! We've planted flowers, bushes, installed trim to create a focal area, and filled it with rock because of some water issues. And most recently, we've added some new hanging lights to give us a little light in these summer evenings coming up!

These were super easy to install and this Outdoor Smart Switch we got with them has made it amazingly easy to use! We've got a timer set to turn them on and off automatically in the evening. Plus they're crazy durable, and you never have to replace a bulb! I'm all about low maintenance, so I can move on to my next project! (and maybe try relaxing).  

Yes, we have a kiddie pool for our dogs. And yes, it has sharks wearing sunglasses on it. And let me tell you they adore it :) Our dog Wyatt adores the outside, and I feel so much better with him having this out there to keep him cool!

You can see the trim that we put up along the edge of the rock to keep it from spilling over into the grass. It's made of metal and I choose to keep it up higher for the rock. Originally we had mulch, but any time it rained, and with the pool, it would just wash away. So our grass was nicely mulched. 


I have really enjoyed these longer days on the rare occasion we have gotten sunshine here in Kentucky. Laying in our double Eno, while the pups run around the backyard is pretty much good for my soul. Now if only it can be dry enough days in a row so we could have an actual bonfire over here!