Airplane Mobile DIY


So almost four years ago I had the brilliant idea to make my friend her shower gift. We didn't have any money for a present, so I decided to sew her this banner and clouds and then had my husband build a model airplane that we painted. Then we went over to her house and installed it for her. Pretty nice gift for $15. IF you ignore the 2 straight days Aaron had to work on the model plane because it had 1000 pieces that had to be glued together and I told him on a Friday I needed it done. The shower was Sunday. He really is a saint. 

So now that it was our turn for a little one's room, I knew I needed it in our nursery as well. Luckily for Aaron, we found a vintage plane at Target here, so he didn't have to built the model airplane this time. At least not yet :D


We're sticking with mainly basic colors in his room, especially to balance out all of the neutral colors I have for the walls and furniture. I picked out my different fabric for the banner and then stuck with a navy ribbon to connect it all together. I cut them into oversized triangle, placed the pieces back to back, and then sewed them together. 


Then I took the navy ribbon and sewed it on both sides of the triangles I had made so you couldn't see any of the unfinished edges. I used fishing line and push pins to hang everything from the ceiling so that you really can't see it and the damage to the ceiling is minimal. 


Next I made the clouds. I'm not the greatest at drawing clouds apparently, so these were a bit of a challenge. Same idea on these once I got the shape semi decent, expect I stuffed these like little pillows and then sewed up the opening by hand. 


Last we added the plane! I cannot tell you how happy Aaron was to not have to build the model plane, at least not on an unfair timeline! 

I just love how all of this came together! It plays off the height of the ceiling, adds another travel component to the room, and is just something fun and different you don't see in every nursery. I would love to see some of your nursery ideas that you have done or if you give this a try, I would love to see the results!