Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Boss

Transitioning from the role of an Operating Room nurse to a nurse that is a Practice Manager has brought it's own set of challenges. One of these has been getting used to (read coming up with) professional outfits that don't make me look like an old lady, but also make me look like I know what I'm doing. AND don't break the bank, being that my wardrobe previously consisted of weekend only clothes.  

Enter this magnificent "blazer?" I don't know what you would call it, but I picked it up at the H&M in Caen, France. It's just a little bit European, surprisingly nice quality, and oh so fun! The style at the stores over in Europe was just different enough to make it way too tempting. And being that I was still only carrying around a backpack, and we were down to our last few euros, we had to be pragmatic. But I obviously had to make room for this guy! (Which may be partially why they told me my backpack was too heavy for a carry on, on the flight back).  I also may have convinced Rachael of the need for this as well. (insert face hidden monkey emoji). From teaching to managing, to a dinner out after work, I'd say this pretty piece covers all your bases!

Pair it with pants that fit like jeans, and coffee from the wonderful Please & Thank You, and I might just be happy to tackle another work day. Key word being might. It's been a crazy transition, and certainly filled with lots of changes, but when your work friends are like family, I can at least say I think we are headed in the right direction. 

Outfit details: H&M light pink blazer // Anthropologie Silk tank top // J Crew Navy pants // Charlotte Russe Mushroom Booties