Our Travel Themed Nursery


Our sweet little boy is due in about a month and we could not be more excited. These past eight months have been filled with all sorts of crazy life moments and big changes, but all the while we have been working toward getting ready to meet our little man. It's been such a surreal experience to go from dreaming of the future, to be living it. Thirteen years ago I started dating my grade school sweetheart, six years ago we got married, and now in June we will be parents. I believe the quote is, 

I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now.

Just crazy sometimes how life seems to fly by, and I know it's only going to start going by faster, so we're trying to savor these last few weeks of this pregnancy toegther. When we bought our house four years ago, I knew that this room would be a nursery someday. I love the vaulted ceiling and the beam along it. It has been so fun to slowly work on it, and fill it with things that will bring him and us (mainly just us for a while lol) joy. 


So we decided to go with a travel themed nursery. Think all the planes, trains, cars, and hot air balloons. But there is plenty in here that we just thought was cute :) Sweet Aaron has put up with all my crazy projects, and me putting an excessive amount of thought into each detail. But honestly, he has wanted to be a dad for so long, for most of the ideas he's been right there excited along with me! I'm also not excessively girly, so we planned on this "theme" regardless of what we were having. Figured I would through a few flowers on the wall if baby Rayome was a girl and call it a day. As my sister said, girls can fly planes too! 


So here is the tour of our nursery! It's pretty much complete, minus one or two things left on our registry, and of course my forever home improvement wish list, but I think it's a pretty fun, special place to bring him home to. 

And yes, before anyone says anything, I know you're not supposed to have stuff in the crib and will take it out before we transition to him using it. 

Check out my sources for all of the wonderful shops we got things from at the end! And if you don't see something listed and want to know where it's from, don't hesitate to ask!


How fun is this airplane garland from Magpie & Max? It added the perfect little touch to  go across our window! These buckets were a last minute idea I had to keep things handy. Right now they are filled with teethers and rattles, but eventually I plan on using them for things like LEGOS and other small toys. 


Between this ABC print from Pure Paper NY and the wooden airplane ( I LOVE old fashioned wooden toys), this little changing table couldn't be more perfect!


So I really wanted this airplane shelf that I had seen online. But it was $75 and that did not include the $50 shipping. So I decided I was going to figure out how to make it myself. You can check out my tutorial here! The cloud shelves are sold at both Hobby Lobby and Target and are almost exactly the same, but the Hobby Lobby ones are slightly cheaper. Also I am loving getting all of these children's books, such good memories reading together when I was a kid!


This ABC pillow was more than I was hoping to spend on a pillow, particularly with how they seem to fair around our house with the dogs. But just look at it. I had to have it. So it was my birthday present to me :) 


I have had this sign with the Velveteen Rabbit on it for a few years now, well before we were pregnant. But I knew that it would be perfect for this space someday. Crazy enough, I don't think we have this book yet! 


So some people don't get why I love this moose rocker. And it kind of makes me sad that they don't understand. But how can you not be obsessed with this? And it's tiny. Like I know he won't be able to use it right away, obviously, but it's much more petite than a normal rocker, so he'll be in it sooner than we think!


I really wanted to do something that played off the ceiling height. We had made one of these airplane mobile things for a friend before, and now I get to have my very own! Check out my DIY on how to create your's here


This bookcase has been fun to add little pieces to, in addition to our ever growing collection of books! Both the Little Explorer Sign and the Greatest Adventure are from Hobby Lobby (this was another idea of a nursery theme. Maybe for when we have a toddler?) 

My favorite part of this bookshelf is the Harry Potter print. Aaron and I are obsessed with Harry Potter. Honestly I think he could win any trivia night. If only that was a viable source of income, right? He actually wanted to change the theme of the nursery to Harry Potter. But we were already about done decorating, so that was a no. But we were able to add a few nods that blended in well!


HOW FUN ARE THESE BLUEPRINTS??? They are dramatic because of their size, but I feel like they are such a cool, unique piece that is perfect for our travel theme. They are from Fine Art USA and super reasonable, especially with how big they are!


So we originally had this map above where the crib was going to go, and it just felt like it was missing something. Enter our Harry Potter love, and I think it's perfect. Honestly, if you don't like or know Harry Potter you just won't get it. But the quote is kinda sorta travel themed, so that helps. 

Our mobile is from Lovely Symphony, and I can't get over how perfect all of the details are. Each piece they create is so unique and not like something you will find in a store! It's literally one of my favorite items in this room, and that's saying something. 


I love buying blankets and pillows, and there is no exception of that when it comes to our child. There are so many more I would love to get, but I want to make sure they're actually something we will use a lot of before getting more. However, with all these cute ones, it seemed a shame to stack them in a drawer or basket. I figured they weree cute enough to display on thier own!


Up next is his gallery wall and dresser. I love all these encouraging signs and how they came together. The Oh the Places You'll Go sign is from PipitandFox and she has the SWEETEST shop. Everything is so childlike and playful. 

This suitcase print from Loftipop has the perfect amount of colors and stays right on theme with wanting to travel! I hope that as we grow our family, we still make it a priority to see the world. 


This sweet embroidered hoop is from ALBAMakesEmbroidery. She is seriously so talented, and can make just about anything! Seriously, I could have like 10 of her hoops and be perfectly content. 


So for some strange reason I have a tendency to not read fine print, when ordering things online. Particularly like where something is shipping from (which has made for a few interesting Christmas gifts), or what size something is. I thought these hot air balloons were going to be three times this size and I was going to hang them above the chair in the other corner of the room. Turns out I ordered model hot air balloons, which actually ended up being perfect for this corner and gives some defintition to this space. They were a bit more than what I would have paid for something this size, but honestly they are so well made, I really can't complain. You can check them out here

The growth chart is something that I have been making myself for several years as a shower gift for friends and family. I love that even if you move, you don't loose all those memories as your kids grow each year!


Our last little nod to Harry Potter (currently) is this light switch. Literally if you're not into it, you won't get it, it's fine. 

And I couldn't think of a good way to show you our rug, so why not document the fact that I no longer can see my feel without some serious effort? We've already had a stain or two on it (thank you dogs), but it's easy to clean and with the patter hides well, so I highly reccomend!