Bassinet Family Heirloom Upgrade


The fact that we are officially over the halfway mark is crazy to me. Our little guy is 10.5 inches long and almost weighs a pound already! We have been trying to sort through the long list and opinions on what we need, what we should use, what works, and what doesn't! One of the things I was excited to get ready for our son, was this sweet bassinet. I don't know if you have looked online recently at the price of bassinets, or co sleepers, or whatever you may choose to use, but they are like $80-200! Sometimes even more than that. Which blows my mind, because they really aren't in them for that long and there are so many other expensive items on your list to buy too! 


Luckily for me, my grandma had this simple little sleeper that her mother had given to her when she was pregnant with my dad. Which I just love that. However, as you can see from the picture below, it was a little dated, had some chipping paint, and the white ruffle was a bit girlier than what we were going for our son. I'll tell you what though, the ruffle was a work of art from the sewing perspective. I did not come close to doing as good of a job on it's replacement, and it had all sorts of seams you had to think about.  


So the first step was to clean it up a little, try and get off any cracked or peeling spots, and then paint it! We went with this dark gray color to make it a little more modern. Well as modern as a baby bassinet can bed :) My favorite thing about this is that it's sturdy. You're not going to walk by and knock it over. And with two big labs in the house, that's kind of an important detail for me. 


Next came the ruffle. I spent quite a while on this, and am pretty happy with how it turned out. Like I said, it was fairly difficult. If anyone with some stronger sewing skills wants to make me a spare, I accept. I went with turquoise and polka dots thinking it worked for a little boy, and I could easily add a cover that was floral or something and have it work for a little girl if need be later on.  


The last bit is my favorite. I found this changing pad cover from Spearmint Baby and had bought it even before I knew my grandma was giving me the bassinet. We live near a bison farm and drive past it most days, so Aaron and I have become slightly obsessed. So this was pretty much perfect. They have several cute covers that I want to get, including dinosaurs and Batman, but being that we don't actually need it yet, I figured I was good for now :) 

So that's it! It's still super simple, which I wanted, and nice and compact where it won't be in the way when we're not using it. But now he has a safe little spot, right next to us when we're sleeping. Or wishing we were sleeping. Now we just are waiting on our little boy to put in it!