My Top 20 Christmas Wishlist


It's officially December friends, which means it's officially the Christmas season! I absolutely love this time of year. From the glow of our Christmas tree by our fireplace, to drinking hot drinks while looking at Christmas lights, or the many celebrations we attend to celebrate and enjoy being together, there's just so much about this time of year that has me thankful. The one stumbling block I sometimes hit though, is what to get people! With all of our family and friends, there are always those people you care about that seem to either have everything they need, or don't know what they want! I hope that I'm not one of those people that is hard to buy for, but just in case, I came up with an awesome inspiration list that hopefully will give you some ideas of what to get those wonderful people in your life! And everything on my list is under $100! Well except the kayak, but come on, it's a kayak :)  

1) House Bud Vases from Target

How sweet are these? I absolutely love how simple they are, and that they only require a few flowers, and not an entire bouquet! Yes please!

2. Columbia Fleece from Academy Sports + Outdoors

Does this not just look the most cozy? Between the cold weather, and trying to save money on my LG&E bill (anyone feel me?), I am all about the layers this time of year. 

3. Stackable Bracelets from Maple & J
I love jewelry that can be worn with anything, and with these, you don't even have to take them off! Which is probably best for me, because I forget to put on my jewelry about 90% of the time. Plus it's a small business of a mamma with three little so you gotta love that! 

4. Training Pants and Leggings from Academy Sports + Outdoors
What did we do before leggings? Seriously?? I basically live in these and black is my favorite. However, laundry is not, so I'm thinking a few more pairs may be just the ticket! 


5. Ivory Weaving from SunWoven
I'm really not sure how I don't own one of these yet. I love the simple, rustic charm it has and it goes with our neutral colors in my house perfectly. 

6. Magnolia Homes Log Holder from Target
Winter basically equals fires in our fireplace for me. I absolutely LOVE curling up on our couch in front of the fireplace, with a cup of cider (and prior to baby, wine. Sigh.) So something that could make it slightly less messy sounds dreamy. 

7. Terry Wrap from Academy Sports + Outdoors
HOW COZY DOES THIS LOOK? Did I mention I am all about the layers? Especially when I am trying to find clothes that can function as maternity clothes, but without me only being able to wear them for 9 months of my life. Plus it's a steal with Academy Sports every day low prices. 

8. Knitted Blanket from Wool Hugs

YESSSS. So everyone has been selling these, but this is one of the first ones I've seen that is not absolutely crazy in cost! I think we could use one in each bedroom and couch, don't you? :) This would be a great gift for someone you're not sure what to get!

9. Rosewood Crew from Albion
First of all this color is my favorite lately. And anytime I can look halfway put together wearing a sweatshirt, I'll take it! 

10. Seafoam Green YETI from Academy Sports + Outdoors

Really anything turquoise and I'm tempted to get it. Make it an awesome cup that you can pour your hot or cold drink in and head right out the door? I'm convinced. 

11. Measuring Cup Set from Target
So my decorating style could be called organized clutter. I tend to be the person squeezing one too many items in a room. I love our home to be lived in, with what you need and use regularly, accessible. For our kitchen, that means having what you need, right in front of you. So with our measuring cups hanging on the subway tile above our stove, they need to be pretty too!

12. Doormat from Nickel Design Shop
I mean come on. This is pretty much just as true as it is funny. 

13. Blosom X Bra from Albion
Anything without wires or clips is right up my alley. And this crisscross design with the blush pattern, have me over here raising my hand saying yes please!

14. 10 ft Kayak from Academy Sports + Outdoors
Anyone that has been my friend for a while, knows I have been wanting this forever We live next to a lake, there are creeks and rivers all nearby, and my dogs would love it. Aaron won't let me go by myself (which is fair), but I need a buddy to come with me! So fun!

15. Food Scale from Target

Decor that serves a purpose? Brilliant. 

16. Aerie Ruffle Sweatshirt from American Eagle
That little feminine detail on the shoulders? But it's still a sweatshirt? Actually genius. 

17. ADIDAS Duffel Bag from Academy Sports + Outdoors
I LOVE BAGS. For all occasions, overnight stays, carrying things to the car, whatever you need. So this bag, with just a touch of pink, is perfect. There goes Academy Sports again, making it easy to give and gift. 

18. Stoneware Pitcher from Target
This can be used for both a vase and a pitcher for when you're hosting guests. I love adding a little bit of rustic flare to my kitchen, with useable objects!

19. Lace Bralette from Aerie
It's feminine, it's great for latering, and it's comfortable. Can't really ask for much else.  

20. Round Wooden Cutting Board from Target
Adding rustic charm, while letting you keep something that you use regularly laying on the counter. #Winning

How great was all of that!? I love everything on this list, and would be happy to give it or receive it this Christmas! Most of all I am excited to spend time with all of our family that we love, and to see their surprised faces, when they open up their presents and know just how much they are thought of and cherished year round! Merry Christmas everyone!