Adding Texture to Your Kitchen Island


So for some reason, having the peninsula portion of our kitchen cabinets smooth was driving me nuts. You can see the photo below, but it was just so plain. I had already painted it gray to match the cabinets, but it was constantly getting dirty, and just looked cheap. And honestly, the living room and kitchen areas were all starting to look a little too devoid of color. 

I considered doing shiplap again, like I had done to my cousin's island here, but with having shiplap on the giant wall, literally next to it, in the living room, I was worried it would be too much. By doing the bead board, I was able to tie that side of the island into the kitchen, without it being more of the same white bead board. I will preface this by saying that the green did not turn out as muted as I was hoping and will probably get repainted once I psych myself up to do it again. I was hoping for closer to the green of the shutter in the next two pictures below. But as far as the look of it, I think it looks amazing!


I like this picture because it shows the whole room and give you an idea of the color scheme. It's pretty much gray, white, and stained wood, so the little pops of green and blue help me to balance that out. Arg, I'm definelty going to be painting again this weekend aren't I?


As far as cost goes, this was super cheap. It's a sheet of bead board, cut down to size for $19 and then the trim, which was somewhere around $10. In keeping with the speacialness that is our house, of course our wall and cabinets are not a perfect 90 degrees. They actually aren't even close :) Lucky for me, our bestest neighbor friends have literally every tool known to man and were able to cut down this piece and the baseboard so it fit right in! Then, the ever wonderful nail gun to pop it all into place. 


This is the moment when you question every decision you've ever made. And as much as I have painted this house (It's getting pretty close to being able to say every paintable surface, and now apparently some of then twice) I still get nervous when I paint the first coat. Because this is the ridiculousness that it looks like. So all of you painter novices out there, you just have to keep going. 


And there you go! I added the corner piece to make it look more finished and was done! I'm still planning on keeping it green, just a slightly different shade. And I'm really looking for some barstools that are wooden and metal, that also have a back to them. But are not completely a chair. Someone take that vision in my head and help me find something I can afford! I really think they will pop better in this space, rather than the gray ones we have. SOOOO ready, set, go!