Florence Ya'll

Pun intended for those of you reading from the Kentucky neck of the woods. It's pretty hard for me to pick my favorite place that we went on our trip, but if I had to, Florence would be it. This city had just the right amount of history and important places to see, without quite as much of the tourist scene. It was a little slower, a little calmer. And most importantly the FOOD. 

So it was here, in the city of Florence, that I had my favorite meal. Ever. We ordered a meat a cheese plate, this amazing toasted french bread topped with melted cheese, fig jam, and honey, and the piece de resistance was the pear and cheese stuffed ravioli with a four cheese sauce. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE TO FIND THIS IN AMERICA TELL ME. 

During our three days in Florence we visited the Duomo, Piazza Della Signoria, the Ponte Vecchio over the Arno river, and went on a Chanti wine tour in the countryside of Tuscany. It actually ended up being a private tour because we were the only ones to sign up! (Which had us questioning both our directional and interpretive skills at first). It was a lot of pressure, but no worries, the Walters sisters held thier own. And now we have been trained by some of Italy's finest on both red wine and olive oil! 

We went two two different museums while we were there; the Ufuzzi Museum to see The Birth of Venus and the Galleria dell'Accademia to see the David Statue. I think it's safe to say that between these two, the Mona Lisa, and the Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel, my art game has been taken to another level. 

Most of the time we would take a map of the city, circle the things we knew we wanted to see, and then wonder around on foot in between them so we could stumble upon the rest! One such find was this indoor marketplace where you could shop and eat. It was almost like a mall food court, but with all sorts of authentic food! Everywhere we went in Florence were historical buildings, amazing architecture,  

 Everywhere we went in Florence were historical buildings, amazing architecture, gave you a cozy, small town feel. Whether it was sipping on wine overlooking the Tuscany countryside, taking the old fashioned wrought iron elevator in our hotel, or having our afternoon coffee next to one of many churches, Florence lived up to our expectations and more.