When In Rome...

Oh Roma. We hopped off our plane from Paris our first day here, threw our bags down, and tried to race the sun to see the city our first night. We got to see the Trevi Fountain (which was amazingly beautiful but oh so crowded. And we were there in the "off season"), the Pantheon (which had me singing the Plebs theme song the whole time), and the Piazza Novena before having our first Italian dinner of, what else? PIZZA. 

Our next day here we traveled all over the city exploring the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Temple of Venus and Rome, Campitelli, and more. We ate at this amazing local restaurant where even Rachael's arsenal of three languages only got us so far. But we managed to get some fantastic bruschetta, and cheesy pasta with octopus. We also discovered that unlike France, you have to pay for even tap water most places in Italy. Which is why we got wine with most meals (insert happy, blushing emoji here).   

And because we obviously are the best planners in the world (or exceedingly lucky) we just so happened to be in Rome on Ash Wednesday. In the Vatican. With the pope. Ash Wednesday + Vatican + Pope. I've got to at least be considered slightly more holy now right??? He drove around in his little pope mobile and was more than kind towards everyone. We saw all sorts of brides in their dresses, there to be blessed by him, and several sick people there as well, prior to him speaking. We also got to explore the Vatican Museum without waiting in the THREE HOUR LINE thanks to Rachael being a genius and buying timed entry tickets on her phone. 

I will say that Rome's public buses may be one of the more disgusting things I've ever been on. We rode it once to get to the Vatican and I refused to get back on it. I was more than upset. Which may have been part of what made us outrunning a brief hail storm so interesting that day. But don't worry, we hid from the storm while enjoying yet another amazing pizza and my first ever seafood risotto. 

We went to Piazza del Popolo, which used to be considered the gateway or entrance to  Rome. However, my favorite was Piazza Novena. Which was one of the few places we could consistently locate in reference to our hotel, so we walked through here and the local booths several times each day. 

Among our carb focused diet, we also managed to try gelato for the first time. We found this ADORABLE little shop called the Verde Pistachio and may have eaten here more times than the number of days we were here. Hey, when in Rome right? 

So that was Rome! Absolutely loved it, there was so much to do and see. Plus the Italian's menu is basically my love language. On to Florence!