DIY Blanket Ladder for $10

So I have been seeing these all over Pinterest and have been wanting one for a while. When I saw one in person at our friends house, I knew I needed to figure out how to make one. I wasn't extremely interested in making one myself, until I looked online and saw how much people charge for them! I only had to buy two pieces of wood to complete this project. Everything else were things I had on hand!  

I purchased a 12ft 2x4 and had them cut it into two 6 ft pieces I then got one 6ft 1x4 and had it cut into 18 inch pieces. However, they didn't cut them exact, which was crucial, so I had to cut them down when I got home. 

Next I did a slight angled cut for propping it against the wall and floor. TIP: use the floor and wall you are going to prop it up on to determine your angles. I was using my basement wall because that's where I was working. However, come to find out, my living room floor is not level. I shouldn't be surprised but was definitely annoyed. I was able to use the felt pieces I was putting on these edges to protect the wall and floor from scratches to even it out. 

I also used this drill tip to mark out where I wanted the screws to go. You could also use dowel rods here, but for me, screws were easier. I was then able to wood putty over the divots to make the sides clean looking. 

I attached everything to one side first so I could make sure that all my pieces were angled the same and had the same spacing (12 inches apart, starting 6 inches down, making the bottom slightly taller). 

After it was built, I decided to stain it. Aaron and I disagreed on whether to paint or stain it, but I tend to prefer stain with all of the furniture we have painted. He told me to quit asking his opinion if I wasn't going to listen to it :) Whoops. 

One of the best parts of having this ladder is that it hides all of my TV cords! With our TV being mounted above the fireplace, we couldn't put them through the drywall so they had to go to the side. We tried to hide them with a chair that was previously here, but that never really worked. This does!

And that's it! Super simple, only took two days because of waiting on the stain to dry, and extremely inexpensive. I needed a miter saw, a drill, that funky drill bit, and a paint brush. I would love to see your alls results if you give this a try! Any suggestions for me on how to style it?