DIY Window Valence

So window treatments are one of the best ways to class up a place. And this one is super easy to make for about $15! I love how simple it is, classy, but not quite the window treatments you find at your grandma's house. 



I got a board ten inches tall and about two feet longer than my door frame. I cut off three, six inch pieces to use as the sides, leaving the main piece about 6 inches longer than the door frame, three inches on either side. 

I then took my three small pieces and attached two to each end and one in the middle as attachment points on the wall and to take off some of the weight. 

 I used the curtains that I previously had for the door, so that the fabric matched the rest of the room. Scissors and a staple gun was all I needed for this part. 

I then used "L" brackets to attach each side to above the door. Two tips here:

1. Mark the brackets on your valence but screw them into the wall and then hold up the valence and attach the "L" brackets to it second. That way you can use the drill. 
2. Make sure you hang it high enough your door can open. (You could attach it to the actual door if you wanted two small ones, but with the blinds, I though the one looked nice)

Not too bad right!? We did the same thing on our basement doors as we did in our living room, and it really looks great! Plus, those blinds are pretty awesome. When did I become an almost adult who gets excited about window treatments? Oh well, I'm still impressed with myself :) Would love to know if any of you attempt this! Please do not hesitate to ask me questions! I love a good DIY!