August According to Instagram + Favorite Blog Posts

August was a busy one! Aaron was basically gone half of the month, so I kept myself busy with some pretty big projects! I tore out the carpet from the stairwell and installed new treads for one thing! Which of course has me dying to rip out the carpet in the rest of the basement! In the dog world our Finn boy turned ONE, my parents got a new pup, and we started obedience school (which after going a few times was clearly the right choice lol) 

I went to two wedding showers, a baby shower, and threw together a "traveling shower" for my bestie. Who I also went to visit in Birmingham in August which involved 12 hours of driving in a 24 hour period. But I got to meet my nephew and see Tori, so it was worth it! I've been crafting like a crazy person, trying to keep up with orders! Which is a good problem to have! My friend convinced me to take a watercolor class with her, I hung some hanging plants in our spare bedroom, and fashioned a boxwood wreath for a 1/4 of the cost! The Make a Wish Gala was an awesome event, with so many great people and I loved dressing up for it! Plus the Kentucky State Fair never disappoints. Probably ate my months worth of calories in that weekend alone! 


Favorite Blog Posts

1. Stairwell Renovation

I am seriously horrible at keeping secrets from Aaron. So the fact that I was able to do this while he was out of town, him not suspect a thing, and have him come home to no more carpet on the stairs was so fun! Plus it really wasn't too terribly hard of a project, so it has me itching to get rid of the rest of the carpet in the basement!




2. DIY Boxwood Wreath

So I have been wanting one of these wreaths for several months now to put in our spare bedroom. They have been extremely overpriced and I just couldn't bring myself to splurge on one. I was able to make this one for less than $35!




3. KY & Alpha Delta Pi

This was a fun post to do with my sister! These printed T's and necklaces go perfectly with our own obsessions! Me obsessed Kentucky and my sister with her sorority! 





4. Pecan Sticky Buns

This one I'm probably partial to because it was the last night my family spent together with my sister before she left for Europe. However these were also amazing, so that helps too!