Simple $5 DIY Skirt

So life has been more than a little crazy in the Rayome household lately. But I think we finally have everything figured out and settled. So there's nothing like a new DIY craft project to get me back to blogging! 

This skirt literally cost $5 to make, which was good, because I wasn't super confident it would turn out! 

These are all the supplies you will need. I bought just over a yard of fabric, string to match, and some wide elastic. 



Step One: Cut the fabric to the estimated width. I simply wrapped my fabric around my hips and cut a few inches wider than that. (Measure from your hips and not your waist)






Step Two: Fold about 1.5 to 2 inches of fabric over to form the hem along the top. This needs to be wide enough for you to work the elastic through later. 




Step Three: Create the hem for the bottom of the skirt. I chose to do a double hem, merely because I thought it looked more polished. I used a poster board to help me keep my lines straight as I cut and pinned the two hems. It actually worked out to be a good length too for where I wanted it to sit on my waist. 



Step Four: Join the skirt together making a vertical seam until you reach your hem at the top where the elastic will go. Do not sew over this part. 


Step Five: Thread the elastic through the top hem. Attaching a safety pin to the end makes it a little easier to work through. Try the skirt on and pull the elastic to the tightness you want. Then pin it in place. 

Step Six: Sew the elastic in place. Several stitches here, because you don't want it to come undone. Lastly, sew the opening to the top hem shut.

YOU DID IT! I'm loving the simplicity of this. It's not quite a pencil skirt, so you don't have to worry about it hugging all the wrong places, but it still goes in at the waist to make it look like you actually have one. Plus you can do any color or pattern you like, and make it specific to the length you want which is ideal! You could put a button down with it and wear it to work, or with a scarf like I did to dress it down! Expect more colors to be made in the near future!