Office Before & After

So this room is actually my favorite of our three bedrooms, even though it's the smallest. The vaulted ceiling, a beam to match the one in the living room, and the wooden trim might have something to do with that. 

This room was a blank space when we moved in. It had previously been used for an office, with only a couch and a desk inside. The hard part for me, was knowing that this would eventually be a nursery, so I didn't want to invest in anything I couldn't use for a bedroom! This space is now one of my favorite in the house! The balance of simplistic details, with pops of color, bright, natural light, and all my crafting stuff in one place has been so fun. When this does become a nursery, someone start brainstorming of new, fun ways to store all my stuff please! 

This dresser was a gift from Aaron's aunt. We painted it and put on new hardware! Right now it houses a ton of my craft supplies, but could easily be used for a changing table! And yes people, these plants have been alive since SPRING. I have a random goal of having a plant or two in each room of the house, and so far, as I'm slowly adding to that, I've kept everything alive!

This was another gifted piece of furniture. It was originally painted bright teal, but we decided to make the blue a bit softer. When you can't afford new furniture, PAINT

Using this space for my office has been a really fun way for me to make some projects that might not fit as well in other parts of our house. These air ferns are beyond fun and these simple painted clips boards have been helping me to keep up with everything!

Heaven knows I love a good collage wall. Hope those aren't going out of style anytime soon. I toyed with either the bright prints or black and white photos. Went with color for now and may switch to B&W later down the road! My bookcase is currently filled with everything from nursing school, but I can't wait to be buying children's books. It's a good thing I have a new nephew to spoil! That picture frame to it's left houses my first piece that was printed in The Record Newspaper

You can see why I love this ceiling, right? This was the only light fixture in the house we haven't, or don't plan to, change. Which is good because it's like 10 feet up in the air. I hung curtains super high on this window, and love the dramatic effect. I painted the white walls a soft gray to draw more attention to the rooms height. This was more than interesting to accomplish, painting a slanted ceiling on a 10 foot ladder. Think yoga on a ladder. Glad that it's done. lol

This table is in the middle of the room and it's where I complete all my projects once the building of them is done. It's actually our kitchen table from our old apartment. Check out this before photo. We took off the tile top, painted everything and made a new wooden table top. The blue chair is one of the original chairs too!

This was at the beginning of college and pretty much gave me the confidence to go crazy on crafting. Might be why my apartment ended up looking like a Cracker Barrel. 

We gave the table to my sister when we got a bigger one for our house, but when she moved to France she needed to keep it somewhere, so it's temporary home is back with us! 

So that's the office! It's forever evolving to what we need it to be, but for now it's my fun, happy place to dream and create! Hope you enjoyed taking a look around!