So for the past year, every extra penny we've had has gone towards some new house project that I've dreamed up. Sorry Aaron :D

Recently though, while we've been trying to decide what to start next, I have gotten an itch to shop again. Aaron was gone last weekend to the lake and I got a little over zealous when looking for a dress to wear to a wedding of our dear friends in two weeks. But hey I walked away with a dress for both the rehearsal and wedding that I feel good in, so that's a win right? Plus I'm getting ready to thin out my closet so that only things I actually wear are in it, so I'm investing...right? 

Someone I work with saw me that day as I walked through Target (where I was just planning on looking around for a few minutes. joke.) with no cart, holding two pillows, a throw blanket, a shirt, and a frame. I couldn't even wave for fear of dropping something. lol

Online shopping is where it gets dangerous though. You don't feel yourself feeling ridiculous walking around with arms full of things you don't actually need. (I needed a dress so they don't count lol) My email is full daily of different ads and discounts tempting me. When I find something I love, I try to wait a week or two and make sure that I still want it before buying it. 

Check out the latest items on my wishlist this week!

1. These Sego Stained Glass Bunting Garland by Holly Hutchenson Glass! They are absolutely darling and I have been trying to convince myself to splurge on them for weeks! I think the blue one would look so stinking cute in the window above my sink. Why is Christmas so far away? 

2. This shirt from Kentucky for Kentucky. I pretty much always want something from them and end up wearing it every week once I get it. 

3. This print is beyond awesome, not to mention the rest of Maiko Nagao's products. This would be  awesome on our nightstand, or in the bathroom somewhere where we get ready!

4. This Plaid Dress from Altered State. Is this not perfect for fall? Add some boots or leggings as it gets cooler, and you're dressed up but still casual. 

5. This wall art from Altered State. I recently just went into this store for the first time and love absolutely everything. 

6. I have one pair of these, and one is simply not enough. You may as well be walking around on pillows when you're wearing these Yoga Slings from Sanuk.