Life Lately

Excited About

1. My home decor is officially available for purchase both online here and at Revelry Boutique

2. Only two more weeks before Aaron stops being out of town on the weekends! He will have been out of town every weekend for two months straight, except for fourth of July! 

3. I'm slowly learning to cook! I'm trying to make it where half of the food I buy is for things we've never made before! So keep a lookout for recipes of what I like! 


Another book of Ellen's for some humor and then Book II in the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. I think my favorite type of book to read is historical fiction, so I'm loving these! 





This pink dress from Blush Boutique and an asymmetrical dress with sleeves from Anthropolgie



1. This shirt from Mulberry Press Co. I am really loving layering things lately, and this is the perfect casual T shirt to do that! Plus I LOVE the saying. 

2. These White Converse Tennis Shoes. Which is hilarious because in high school I owned practically every color but white. 

3. This stained glass garland from Holly Hutchenson Glass . It also comes in a mint color I love that I think would be the sweetest in my kitchen window! 

4. This awesome baseball cap from ShopLocalKy. It comes in like 6 different colors and I can't decide a favorite. I love them all. 


All of your orders! Super excited to be generating some extra business between my site and Revelry! 

Plus I made these awesome hanging terrariums this weekend that you need to check out because they're adorable. 


I've kind of started itching to make the basement nicer. We literally only have two things left to do upstairs on the inside and then everything I dislike will be gone. The outside projects are all expensive, so for now I'm thinking basement. We hung up some of Aaron's guitars and are slowly coming up with ideas for his music corner. 

Here's my list of things I hope to be able to work on for it over the next couple years!

1. Flooring.
Holy moly the carpet is gross and absorbs all smells. I think this will be our next expensive purchase mainly just to get rid of the smell. 

2. Piano
We both are starting to learn how to play and have the perfect spot for one to go! I think my old keyboard that I used in college has officially bit the dust lol So if you know anyone looking to get rid of an upright let us know!

3. New couch 
Several reasons we want a new couch. One, our current ones are green leather that we have slip covers on. Two, this one is gray which is the color of our dogs hair when combined. Three, this one from Ikea is technically a slip cover so it could be washed! And four, there is a footstool that goes with it to make this the ultimate movie, sleeper sofa. Holla. 

4. Mudroom
We have an awkward entry space from the garage that has this really long unfinished closet. It would be the absolute perfect space for locker style cubbies for throwing things down as you get out of your car, or eventually on your way to school! 

5. Bathroom
We have a crazy big laundry room downstairs. Like huge. This will be the project that has to wait several years ($$$), but the basement could totally have a half bathroom with little to no redesign. We just need someone who knows what in the world they're doing. And the cash lol 


A little under the weather, which has made for things getting checked off my to do list a bit slower today. Hopefully it's just for today!
Proud mom moment lol I'm also feeling proud of my two puppies, they are starting to listen and learn commands so much better! We're taking them to an obedience class next month, probably more to teach us what to do than them, but excited to see their progress!