"Dining Room" Before & After

So technically we don't have a dining room. We have one giant living room that I use half of it for the kitchen table. So call it whatever you like, kitchen eating area, dining room, whatever. It still looks a lot better than before lol 


So in this first picture on the left you can see the kitchen before it was redone. The island/peninsula thing had two bar stools when we did the  walk through. However the counter was the same size as the cabinets, so you had to sit side saddle if you wanted to eat there. DUMB. 

Also notice the quilt rack and hooks on the living room wall. Now I will be the first to tell you I seriously love quits, and have made one before (wish I was better at it). However I did not want it on my wall. 

Ahh vertical blinds. I literally broke three of them off within the first 24 hours of living here. They are always in the way, and didn't slide super great. 

You'll also see the brass ceiling fan. Works just fine. But it's brass. 

Also SUPER shadowy, but you'll notice the blue corner piece I asked them to leave. See my piece on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to see a semi before and after of it. They thought I was crazy for wanting it lol 


Super open concept, the kitchen flows right into the living room. 

Those high ceilings are dreamy. The whole living area is tall. I swear this is why we bought the house. 

All the windows. SO MUCH LIGHT. Makes it impossible to photograph, but it's so pretty when it's sunny. Or heck, even when it's raining I love it. 

The floors and wall color aren't bad. Yes they are not my first choices and if I was super rich I would change them. But its easy to clean and not something super loud so we're good with them for now. 

How much more sense does this make??? You can actually sit however you want and still be able to eat at our nice new "island." 

Plus the kitchen flows so much better into the living space with the open shelves. To see the full kitchen makeover, check it out here. 

I'm super impressed with Aaron and I as far as the doors go. Commence bragging. We created this valence out of wood and then covered it with some curtains to match what is all throughout the living room since it's one giant space. Then we mounted these custom sized blinds to each window. They attach at the top and bottom and don't swing with the door. MAGICAL. Seriously so worth the time and money, such a difference. When I become motivated enough, we want to do this to the basement doors too. 

This table is my favorite. It's from our friends at Louisville Farm Tables. It's so pretty and the perfect mixture of casual and classy. And I love that I'm able to mix different types of chairs with it. 

Everything is better with paint! I redid this cabinet and it fits into this corner perfectly! 

Plus this sign was one of the very first things I ever made with a pallet. It was in our apartment and now it's in our home. 

Just a little table we put behind one of the couches that faces our kitchen table. Makes the room feel more connected with not such an abrupt stop and start point into the two different spaces. 

A fun little pop of color to have in the corner. Plus it's nice to have some extra seating handy if we need it. 

So we have filled up three bookcases and are starting on this one. I love that I am making time to read again! This was a fun furniture purchase from Peddlar's Mall. Its home is on the big wall that is between the "dining room" and living room. I'm actually considering expanding the collage wall, or at least doing something different to change it up here. Maybe. We'll see. 

And that's the space! I love how cozy it feels and how everything flows from one room to the next! I'm sure I'll come up with some other crazy ideas to change it up, but for now we can consider that room done!

....minus the ceiling fans that are sitting in our basement to install lol