June: According to Instagram + Favorite Posts

So June was beyond crazy, but so much fun! We got a surprise visit from my cousin, took new photos for my website, rebranded my whole site, went to a Bat's game with old friends, traveled down to Gulfport, Mississippi (& New Orleans) with my mom, Aaron was gone for two straight weeks traveling, we celebrated our three year wedding anniversary, redid a dresser, baked several tasty desserts, painted a bedroom, and finally found some time to relax while on vacation and read!


Favorite Blog Posts


1. Homemade Apple Pie

I really enjoyed making this, as it was my first pie I have ever made completely from scratch! It may not be the prettiest in the whole world, but man it was delicious! Especially warm with vanilla ice cream on top :)

2. 10 Ways to Organize Your Life

I like writing about these kinds of posts, because they're the type of post I like to read. I love hearing about other people's tips and tricks on their homes and lives! Running a home is hard work, especially when you work full time, and have a small business! I need all the tips I can get! 

3. What Makes Our House A Home

This was a good thing for me to think about, as we have been in full blown renovation mode since moving into our home a year ago. Contentment and priorities are something I am working on in my life, so it was nice to reflect on these. 

4. Top 10 Beach Essentials

I mainly like this post, because it means I got to go the ocean. Something fun and light hearted to keep in mind as people are enjoying summer vacations with their family! 

So that was June! I love summer months, they're filled with all sorts of fun and sunshine! We're having a cookout here tomorrow to celebrate the 4th! What are you doing on your long weekend??