15 Things You Learn Living With A Boy

So my husband was the first guy (minus my dad or brother, but they don't count) that I ever lived with. Not only was it an adjustment learning how to run a household, but we also discovered several funny quirks about living with someone of the opposite sex. We thought we knew each other forwards and backwards before we got married (being that we dated for 7 years prior to). We still laugh about how wrong we were. So here is a list of a few of the things we discovered about living with someone of the opposite sex. 

1. Hair piles up in different places
Girls hair falls out in the shower, or piles up on the ground of the bathroom where you're getting ready. Guys hair fills the sink from shaving. I still remember the first time Aaron used the shower after me when I had forgotten to scoop up the hair and throw it in the trash. He said it looked like a mouse on our drain. lol To be fair he's not great at rinsing out the sink himself. 

2. You don't think the same things are important. 
Now hopefully you've talked about the big stuff. Stuff like religion, kids, finances, etc. But I'm talking the regular day to day priorities. For example. If we have extra money, I want to spend it on either stuff for the house or clothes. Preferably both. If Aaron was given extra money, he would rather spend it on music stuff, eating out, or video games. Both are acceptable ways or spending "fun money," but neither of us fully understands the others preference. And that's ok! We just try to rotate back and forth!

3.  He really doesn't care about your outfit
He honestly just cares if you feel good in what you're wearing and if your on time. He loves when you're confident and comfortable, but is probably not the best person to ask if those shoes look good with that dress. Lord help you if you ask him to take a picture. 

4. Never throw away his old, ratty clothes. They're probably his favorites. 
Learned this one the hard way. Just because something has holes all over it, that even a recipient of The Home Economics Award like myself couldn't fix, doesn't mean it's okay to throw out. ALWAYS ask first. Otherwise you might end up digging through the trash lol 

5. Be clear on household chores before you move in. AND STICK TO THEM. 
I said that I would do laundry. He said he would cut the grass. I said I would clean. He said that he would cook. Well folks, I lost the cooking battle. Aaron is great about doing all of the outside work, even when it's 100 degrees in July. However, yours truly does all the cooking (minus the grill). When I tell him it's his turn to cook, he pulls out the frozen pizza. lol Honestly I don't mind to cook, because it's been fun teaching myself. Just something to think about as you ease into your routine with your significant other. 

6. There will be arguments. 
Big ones, little ones, yelling ones, silent ones. It's a part of living together, being in a relationship, and having two different personalities. It's easy to get worked up over little things and take it out on one another. Don't. The biggest thing is having a relationship strong enough to handle these arguments and support one another. If something is wrong or bothering you, don't tip toe around it. Say something. Just try not to be a complete jerk when you do. (and never argue when you're hungry. Hangry = no one wins). 

7. Do nice things for each other.
These can be obvious things like bringing home flowers, or picking up a treat on the way home. Honestly though, things like emptying the dishwasher or putting away laundry makes me just about burst with happiness. Because it means he thought enough about me to take something off my plate. 

8. You need your own friends
DO NOT make the mistake of giving up your old friends when you move in with someone. I have had too many friends who get caught up in the honeymoon stage of being with someone, they shut out everyone else. You will be so much happier with the love and support from more than just your significant other. You need people in your life to vent to, to go shopping with, to take a break from everything with, and to do all of those things your significant other would do with you if you made him, but your friends actually think sound fun. 

9. You still need to date 
Just because you live together doesn't mean date night disappears. You still need to carve out time to have fun together, just the two of you, that doesn't involve eating dinner in front of the TV. Constantly pursue one another. 

10. Function over fashion. 
At least this is how he sees it. We will forever battle over pillows on the couch or bed that are purely meant to be decorative. One of the best stories was a decorative tea kettle I had at our apartment. Aaron wanted to make tea and for some reason decided to use the kettle in the living room rather than the one in the kitchen. And it broke. Some things are only meant to look pretty, but give your guy the courtesy to tell him what.

11. Don't ever assume. 
Just because something seems obvious to you, doesn't mean it is to your guy. Don't belittle each other, but make sure you're clear on your expectations of one another. It's not his job to read between the lines, just the same as it isn't yours. 

12. You will likely suffer from many gaming nights. 
And unless you are willing to give up movie/wine night with your girls, you better keep your mouth shut lol 

13. Invest in candles
You live with a guy. He has guy friends. You also have pets. Trust me there are not enough candles and Febreze in the world. Stock up. 

14. You share your space
It seems like bathrooms are one of the most common problems couples argue about. He left the toilet seat up. You're makeup is all over the counter. The sink is full of hair. Whose turn is it to clean the toilet. Instead of having a double standard, we've tried just cleaning up after ourselves and putting things in their proper place. And no ladies, the counter is not where your 50 beauty products belong. If it is then he gets to leave the seat up. Fair is fair. 

15. You're really going to get to know each other
The good, the bad, the ugly. For better or worse, you're there for each other through all of it. You learn to adjust to think of the other person and how to fill both of your needs. You have to love and respect one another in order for it to work.