Hanging Terrarium DIY

Aren't these little air fern terrariums adorable??? I saw them in a store recently, but for three of them it was going to be about $120. Which was not something I was willing to spend.  SO I searched for all of the different supplies and was able to make these for less than $20 for all three of them! I think they look pretty good if I do say so myself! They're hanging in a corner of my ever evolving "office." 


Glass Terrariums 
I searched for quite a bit to find a good deal on these. I wanted them to be glass, not plastic because I thought it looked nicer. And I didn't want to pay a ton! I was able to get three for $13 from Glass Home Gardens! They are super nice quality and even have the holes in the top for better circulation!

Air ferns
Another item I had to shop around for a good deal! You can spend a ton of money on these, who knew! I ended up getting them from CTS Airplants. I got five of them for $6. Great part is for all of you with a black thumb, they literally require air. And a spritz of water every now and then! 


So a tip. Unless you know you're screwing into wood in the ceiling or looping around a bar, get the hooks that have the expandable net thing in them. Basically mine fell out of the ceiling. 

Fishing line
Cheap, easy. Walmart or your dad's tackle box. 

Literally got these from my backyard and washed them, but you can get them from craft stores too! 





First fill your jars with the rocks. You could also use driftwood, seashells, coral, lava rock, beads or whatever, as long as it doesn't absorb water! (Don't want to take away from the tiny bit of water your plant needs)





Place each plant inside and make sure it has enough room! I had five to choose from, so I picked my three favorites and the other two get to sit on my window sill! Make sure your fishing line is made for however heavy yours are.



 I chose to hang mine at three different heights, but you could also do different size containers as well! I just think these are adorable and a fun way to add a little color and life to a corner of the room!