A Day In the Life Interview

Hey guys! 

Back in April I did and interview with Chelcey Tate  talking about what a day in my shoes looks like! I thought it would be fun to share it with you today! 

The sweet Jessica Rayome is here to give us a look into a typical day in her life.  Nurse by day, blogger/small business owner by night, all the while holding the title of both wife and mom to 2 rescue pups!  Check out her interview, and don't forget to enter the giveaway for your very own handmade piece from her shop, Bourbon City Goods!  


Business: We started Bourbon City Goods to show and sell creative, beautiful ways to reinvent expensive designs for people on a budget, like me! I cannot describe how much I love to decorate and fix up our home. It seriously makes me so happy. So working on projects for other people to use in their homes seemed like a natural fit! I would make something for our house, and when people came over, they would ask if I could make them one too! This gradually led me to selling things through Facebook to friends and family, then to making an official site, and now recently starting to look at contacting vendors to sell in some local shops! I’m still very much in the beginning stages with our business but some goals we have for this year are to be sold in a few shops in Louisville, to open up an Etsy shop, and to have a booth at a local market this summer!

Blog: I started my blog as a way to connect to other creative entrepreneurs and to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned so far! The blogging community is a great place to get inspiration, ideas, tips, tricks, or to just read about others thoughts and every day lives! I wanted to become a part of that community, and figured I had a few things I could give back!


Oh goodness, my days are that of extremes. Being a nurse, I work three 12 hour shifts a week and am sometimes on call. On the days I’m at the hospital I wake up about 5:15 (read 5:30-5:40 lol) grab my lunch I’ve packed the night before and roll out the door. 

I never put on makeup anymore for work and always have my hair in a bun. I work in the operating room so I have to wear a mask and a hat all day, so it just doesn’t seem worth it. Plus, I help put patients to sleep for surgery, so few of them remember me anyhow lol  

I have to be at work at 6:30am so we have enough time to set up for the first surgery of the day, although sometimes I have to get there at 6am for a 7am case. I work until 7 pm, so I guess really I’m really there 12 and a half hours. I get a 15 minute break sometime in the morning, a 30-minute lunch, and if I’m lucky a 15 minute break in the afternoon. The three 12 hour days are impossibly busy, crazy, and hard but it is so worth it to have a few days of sanity during the work week. 

On my off days I SLEEP IN. Although with how early I wake up for work regularly I can’t quite seem to be able to sleep any later than 10 am anymore. Before motivating myself to get out of bed, I’ll usually go through my social media and my email. Then I’ll let our two dogs out and feed them breakfast. It always amazes me how happy they are to see me every morning. Kinda fun to have something need you and make you feel special each day. 

Then I’ll grab a quick breakfast, usually cereal, usually something sugary.  After that starts my to-do list for the day! I always pick up the house and try and put everything back where it belongs. I HAVE to clean the floor on my off days thanks to my two little fur balls. I’ll run my errands, prep for dinner, walk the dogs, work on my blog, research for my shop, and usually work on whatever my latest project for the house is. 

Although each day is different, I always seem to find plenty to do to fill my “off” days! 


The way my schedule is set up is actually really ideal for separating the two. 

Professionally, on the days I work, I am all there at work. I am there from when the sun goes up to when the sun goes down. 

My creativity happens on my off days and has proved to be a great balance to what goes on in the professional, medical world. It’s kind of fun to switch back and forth between the business/anatomy/science side to the creative/blogging/crafting side. I have multiple creative outlets ranging from my shop, blog, redoing the house, to scrapbooking/photos, and whatever craft project I can pour myself into next. 

As far as personal life goes, my husband and I try to make it where we eat together every night, and spend at least one part of the weekend together just us two. Whether it’s a day date on a Sunday, to a movie night on a Friday. And I pretty much bug him on the phone constantly. I love to hear about his day and what he’s been up to. Plus we have a small group we get together with every week, and a lot of friends we try to see on all the days in between! And I can’t forget to add walking the dogs or taking them on doggy dates. Let’s be serious, I consider them family too! And both of our families mostly live in town, so we are lucky we get to see them so much too!

It’s quite a balancing act, but it’s all about prioritizing what’s important! It all makes me happy so I don’t want to cut anything! Maybe just add more sleeping.


Probably this wine rack made out of pallets. My dad and I built it together right when I first decided to try my hand at crafting, and all we had to go by was a picture on Pinterest. It has traveled with me from our apartment to our house, and we are still getting compliments on it.


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Overall I'm so happy I decided to start this journey. I have been beyond confused at times, and not sure what I'm doing, but it was the right decision. I have always enjoyed being creative and this has really made me push myself to do just that. My business has been a wonderful thing that we did on the side to help us make enough money to get through college and now I'm excited about being able to dedicate more time towards it. I'm super thankful to my husband and Chelcey who pushed me to give it a try and have supported me along the way! Thank you so much to everyone for reading, I hope you found my life a little interesting! Good luck in the giveaway!

Some cool things have changed since I did this interview! My goods are now both for sale at Revelry Boutique in NULU and I am launching the portion of my site where you can directly buy products from right here online! I've worked with several vendors and am excited with the changes and growth that are happening around here!

And I think I have a new favorite product that I sell! I simply love these pallet signs and I made a new one that is currently in the front window of Revelry! 

Oh, and also, that photo of Aaron and I with our pup Finn? Ya, he's 60 pounds now. And now we have two dogs lol Thanks so much for stopping in to read a little bit more about me and what I do! Hope you found it fun!