Life Lately

Excited About

1. My new website design! I'm so excited for all of the changes occurring around here! From my new page, to gaining new followers, and, if I can get my act together, hopefully products being sold in some local shops soon, I could not be more thankful! Big, huge, super thanks to Chelcey Tate for amping up my style around here! It's beautiful!


2. My baby sister graduated college! Here in the fall she is headed off to teach in France for a year. Basically she's a boss.



Pearl In the Sand by Tessa Afshar and the first book in the series Mark of the Lion, A Voice In The Wind by Francine Rivers. 

Francine Rivers wrote my favorite book, Redeeming Love, so she was a no brainer. Both of these were recommendations from friends so I'm sure they will be great! Plus I love the idea that I will be reading them on the beach! 




This hat from ASOS! Slowly building my floppy hat collection and loving it! 

These shoes from Sanuk. Seriously the most comfortable ever. I needed something to replace a pair that a certain puppy may have chewed up. They are literally made from a yoga mat. Winning.


This dress from Anthropologie. It's too expensive, and I technically don't need it, but it's just so pretty! Plus it's the right shape for dresses that fit me well. Argh. 


1. This Seared Scallop Recipe over spinach and mashed potatoes with an apple brandy cream sauce. Seriously, the sauce with mashed potatoes by itself is magical, adding the other stuff just makes it an actual meal lol 

2. My grandmother's Hand Picked Cherry Crisp was a pretty awesome dessert to have at my sisters going away dinner. Plus it was fun spending the day with my grandma, and reminiscing on my childhood when we would climb on the roof of the garage to pick them was pretty fun too. 

3. OISHI. Literally enough said. We had been craving this for a while, and decided to splurge and order pretty much all of our favorites this past weekend. Such a good choice. 


So I made these little clipboards for the corner of my craft room, right near my desk. They're super simple, but it's a great visual for what I need to do, and much prettier than a list in my phone!



I finished painting the office (balancing backwards on a 10 foot ladder, it was great) and painting the dresser we had been gifted. The room looks fantastic, and serves so much more of a purpose! I now have all of my craft things organized, it doesn't look messy or sloppy, and it's such a happy place to be in! I keep standing in the doorway just admiring how much of a difference a few changes made!

So the things that are left in the super near future for the upstairs inside are 

1) The barn doors in the two bedrooms

2) The ceiling fans in the living room

I'm super excited about both of these, but they are going to be a little more pricy and require some help! Yeesh! 

I also think we are wanting to put railing up super soon outside (It will seriously increase curb appeal, and allow our grandparents to actually use the front door). 

ANNNND we might be needing to rip up the basement carpet. The previous owners had a dog so there are lots of stains, combine that with the fact that we have two dogs and there is only one window down there and it equals a whole lot of stink. So basically we need something that doesn't absorb smell $$$


Excited! My mom and I are headed to the beach! After much headache in trying to coordinate a family vacation, and Aaron going on two vacations with his family without me this summer, we finally figured out how to get to a beach for a few days! Aaron was super sweet and just told me he didn't care the cost, he just wanted it to work! Bring on the sunshine!


My sweet husband! We are about to spend the next two weeks apart due to travel for work and family stuff. Our three year wedding anniversary is in three days, but we will be on opposite sides of the country! Seriously can't believe it's been three years already, but I can't imagine my life any other way!