Top Ten Beach Essentials

Being as we just got to the beach, I ran through my packing list a billion times before we left. This is the list of my top ten priority items, especially when our only goals are to sit on the beach and play in the ocean for as many hours a day as possible. 

1. Hat

I switch back and forth between a big floppy one and my baseball cap. The floppy one is great for avoiding sun while you're sitting in the sand, and making it where you can actually see the book you're reading. Baseball cap is perfect for when I want to float in the ocean without fear of loosing my hat to the wind.

2. Good Book

So I have taken both kinds of vacations, the one where you are constantly on the move sightseeing, and the one where you sit on your butt for hours at a time, just enjoying being outside. This particular vacation is meant to be the later. So a good book is crucial for me to just being able to sit still and relax. 

3. Sunscreen

I mean I did work at a dermatologist's office for four years during nursing school. While a teeny tiny bit of sun is good for you, mostly it just damages your skin and makes you look old faster. So in an effort to avoid skin cancer and with goals of being the hottest 40 year old around someday, this gets reapplied often.  

4. Ipod

Sometimes it's nice to mix up the sound of the waves with some of your favorite summer songs. But unless your music selection is on point, or no one is around, I pod is so much more respectful than a boom box! 

5. Cheap sunglasses

To be fair, It's mostly because I break my sunglasses consistently, but I don't understand taking expensive sunglasses anywhere with water. I spend $5 on a pair for the week and am pumped if they make it home with me. 

6. Bathing suit you don't have to mess with and feel confident in 

I love this tankini top from Anthropologie. I don't have to fiddle with it, pull on it, or make sure everything is covered. It shows I have a waist, but doesn't make my hips look giant. Not that I should care what people think, but it's nice to not have to worry about it in this bathing suit. 

7. So many Sundresses

My favorite part about sundresses is how easy they are. All you need is the dress and flip flops and you're out the door, looking semi put together! Plus they are great if you did get a little burnt that first day when you didn't think the sun was very bright. 

8. Tube or boogie board

I. Love. To. Float. One of the most peaceful things I enjoy is sitting on the water, floating on some sort of a raft, drink in hand. 

9. Snacks! 

You don't want to have to leave the beach, or pack up all your stuff to go eat! Just make sure it's not something that can melt! 

10. An Awesome Beach Chair 

I love my toes in the sand, but that's about the only body part that it doesn't bother me to be covered in sand. I love the ones that sit really low so the waves can wash over me, and it has a back, but my bathing suit doesn't fill with sand. 

Hope that's helpful if you're headed out on a summer vacation soon! If you need me I'll be at the beach!