What Makes Our House a Home

So for the past year we have been working our butts off on renovations to our home. We bought a 25 year old house, that was actually in great repair on the things that mattered. Fairly new roof and AC, great sized yard, and in the school system that we wanted. However, cosmetically the house was a mess. This worked to our advantage though, because we got the house about $50,000-$100,000 less than the other houses in the neighborhood. 

It has been really easy to become caught up in the list of things I want to do to the house. I have a giant checklist of each room what I want to do, both long term and short term (I like lists). We have probably checked off more things than most people could within our first year, which is especially impressive because we don't have a ton of money and are mostly doing it ourselves. 

However, this is not what makes my house a home. It is not a better place to live because it has freshly painted walls, or new counters. (Not that these aren't wonderful). It is a home because of the people I share it with and what our lives will look like here. 

It is a home because Aaron and I lived in a 700 square foot apartment and worked two part time jobs while in school to be able to be married and finish college first so that we could buy it. It is a home because we picked it out together with our future family in mind. It is a home because it is where we are a family of two (+two pups) in this chapter of our lives. 

It is a home because of the memories that we create here. It is a home because it is a safe place to come home to. It is a home because we are comfortable and feel at peace being away from the rest of the world. It is a home because we have worked hard and earned it. It is a home because this is where my family is. 

I really hope I can remember to stay fixated on this as we work towards making the house look like what we have dreamed up. While I would love to have a home worthy of being on the cover of Southern Living (fat chance), I would love more for my husband and future family to look back on this place with fond memories of the happiness it held. 

Here's to trying to keep my priorities straight!