DIY Chalkboard

So among the list of technically unnecessary, but totally needed, things I want to do to our house was a chalkboard on the kitchen pantry (I don't like our doors). I have been looking for a while for one I could just hang up, but apparently my door is super skinny and nothing was long enough. So of course I decided to make one! Hopefully with this tutorial, you can make one too!


So I started out by measuring the size I needed it to be. My door has those big cut outs and I wanted to cover those, so it didn't distract from the chalkboard. 

Then I had a piece of wood cut to size (mine was 70x17 inches, power to you if you can find a board the actual size of your door). I found a giant sheet of thin wood (wanted it to be light) for $13 and now I have a ton of scraps for other projects! 

Thank you Wyatt for helping with the picture lol 

I bought regular black chalkboard paint, although now it comes in colors or even clear (not to be mistaken for chalk paint, but I have a feeling this could work similarly). I just used foam brushes to apply a few coats of paint to limit the brush marks. 

Then we attached it to the door. Again, I don't like my doors and have long term intentions of painting each of them and changing the hardware. However, that's way down my list. In an attempt to not completely trash the door in case, by some off chance, I want to take down the chalkboard and use the door, we only attached it with four screws, one in each corner. It seriously is really light and thin wood, so you could probably use command strips if you want to keep your door intact or are renting. I just wanted to be sure it wouldn't fall with opening and shutting it and kids drawing on it. 

I wanted to use molding around the edges to make it flow better with the door and look more intentional. Kind of like a frame. So I got super cheap molding (I think it was like $11 for 10 feet) to put around the edges. It had to be cut at an angle, which they wont do at the store for you, so we cut each of the four pieces to fit together. 

Then I painted the molding white with some left over paint I had. I wanted it to match the door so it flowed better. 

Then came attaching the frame. Couple tips here.

We used hot glue to secure the four pieces lightly together. Then we flipped it over and used an upholstery staple gun to connect each corner. Technically this isn't necessary it just makes lining it all up WAY easier. 

So then we put liquid nails on the back of the frame and pressed it into place! We attached it to the wooden chalkboard, not the door, again in an effort to do as little damage to the door as possible. 

So this is the nice, clean, brand new chalkboard! I love it! It makes what was once a dull little corner so fun! 

I put some measurement conversions on the top half that I plan to keep up, but I could also write a recipe on there as well! I could even change it seasonally! I'm wanting to keep the bottom half open for kids to write on and am toying with the idea of putting a cup somewhere filled with chalk! What do you think? 

I love how it turned out! And for $25 you really cant beat it! It fits the space perfectly and is something fun to add to the space! Plus I'm hoping that someday it will help to entertain kids while I'm trying to cook! 

So what do you think? Any suggestions for me?  Yay for DIY's!