April According to Instagram & Favorite Posts

So I think it's safe to say April was a crazy busy month. All my family was in town for Easter, I painted the spare bedroom, we spent a week in New York, I mulched the yard, planted flowers & trees, I was regrammed by A Beautiful MessKentucky for Kentucky, did a blog feature for the restaurant Varanese, became a member of The Southern Blog Society, finished the entryway, and managed to work and sleep (a little) in between! 


Favorite Blog Posts


1. Entryway DIY 

This was one of my favorite projects we've done so far. Super simple and cheap but an awesome impact! It also got featured on The Southern Blog Society, so that was really fun as well!

2. 10 Mistakes I Made With Our Wedding 

With wedding season upon us, I loved this post for tips and tricks on all of the little details you just don't think about on your big day!

3. Weekly Meal Planning

Loved writing about this because it's something I struggled to get in the habit of, but I swear it really does help! We are never truly able to open up our pantry and say "we have nothing to eat" anymore! Just takes a little planning!

4. 24 Things That Make Me Happy

This was such a refreshing post to write about! It was good for me to reflect on all of the small things that bring me happiness on a daily basis! 

So that was April! Excited for it to be May, although we're already a third of the way through it! Yay for Derby, concerts, bonfires, birthdays, graduations, banquets and whatever else it may hold! What are you busy with in May?