Master Bedroom Before & After

So as I am running around the house cleaning today for a going away bonfire and a Mother' Day dinner we're hosting this weekend, I have a tendency to look at all the projects I still want to do. Right now I want to focus on what I HAVE accomplished so far in our house. Which actually is quite a lot for not even being here a year yet. So here is the before and afters of our master bedroom which is technically finished (for now). 

Aren't these pillows fun? Cheesy but whatever, I think we're still technically newlyweds?

To give you an idea of what we were working with, it wasn't awful, but it had absolutely no character. Couple things I did hate were that horrible ceiling fan. It was literally all aluminum and when you turned it on it was so shiny that it was all you could look at. 

I loved/hated the ceiling. Loved the dramatic look, hated that they painted the molding the same color as the walls. It made it seem smaller, rather than bigger, which is the whole point. 

Another love-hate relationship I had with this room was the master bath entrance. I thought it was amazing that it had an attached bathroom, and even with a double sink. However it had no doors and you stared at the giant mirror. Just seemed weird to me, plus the skylight is in there so it got really bright with sun, and noisy with rain. 

So here are some of the "after" photos 

Obviously putting our furniture in here helped. Plus, I found these mirrors on sale that I love and they make it much lighter and brighter. 

This is my night stand. It's super simple but I love the white mason jar I'm using as a vase and this might be my favorite picture of Aaron. It's from our wedding day and I just love those dimples. 

I've always liked the idea of a plate collage. I've only seen it in kitchens or dining rooms, but I liked the idea of having some more blue accents scattered around. 

This dresser is awesome because it used to be my great-grandmothers. It has been all over the world, painted a million colors, and my grandparents restored it to it's original color for me.  

How cool is this? The oil lamp used to be my great-grandfathers and it actually still works! A friend made me this this water color calligraphy that I love. I think the two fit well together. 

This little corner is our wedding collage. It has our save the date, invitation, and guestbook. The guest book was done by a family friend and then we had everyone stamp their thumbprint and sign their name! So much more fun to be able to have something to display!

This dresser used to be that cherry wood color with brass handles. I'd had it since I was seven I think and it had been through the ringer after living in 4 homes. I decided to paint it gray and distress it with Annie Sloan Chalk paint and it fits the color scheme of the room way better!

So this was our solution to the bathroom! We made these barn doors ourselves too! I wished they photographed better. I may do a post on them at some point. They are an amazing focal point and they block out a ton of light and noise from the skylight!

Over this summer we may be moving these to the spare bedroom to replace the folding closet doors that are there. That means we will create a bigger and better door for in here. Super excited!

Finally we fixed the trim by painting it white! It looks so much brighter, taller and cleaner! Like it was supposed to! (Yes it's spinning so it's hard to see, but the ceiling fan is 1000x better)

So that's basically the tour! I love that it has so many pieces that have a story! The room is much brighter and welcoming, perfect place to relax!

As with everything in a house, it's an ever evolving work in progress, but it really is starting to feel like home!