May According to Instagram and Favorite Posts

May was another crazy packed month. We went to a concert at the Iroquois Amphitheater, I won an Instagram giveaway,  refinished two dressers, hosted my first giveaway, celebrated Mother's Day and Memorial Day with family, went to Bowling Green for my sister's graduation, took pictures with Chelcey, started painting the office walls, began precepting our nurse extern at work, and taught the puppies the command "Lay Down." Yeesh. lol At least it was fun!


Favorite Blog Posts

1. You Know You're A Type A Personality When...

This was a fun piece to write, merely because it pokes fun at all of the idiosyncrasies of my Type A personality. I truly can't help how I act sometimes, but at least I can laugh at myself!


2. Comparison is the Thief of Joy 

This was a different style piece for me, but I enjoyed opening up a little bit more. Often we only post the warm and fuzzy parts of our lives and it was nice to dig a little deeper than just how-to's and recipes on this one. Keep a look out for more like it in the future. 


3. Painting Furniture How To 

With as much furniture as I have painted in my house, this was long over due. I think I'm up to over ten pieces, plus the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. When you can't afford to fill your house with new furniture, get free or super cheap furniture and make it pretty yourself. 


4. Master Bedroom Before & After

Another room I can check off my list! There are a million things I want to do with this house, some within this year, some within the next ten! Always happy to see a room completed and to look back at how far it has improved from when we moved in!

So that was pretty much May! June looks like it is going to be even crazier, especially with Aaron traveling so much and starting coaching his summer lacrosse team. Which means I'll probably have to cut back on house stuff without his help, but that's okay because then I can work on selling my decor and working with stores! What did your May look like?