Raspberry Lemonade Vodka

So in honor of Derby, the summer, and the weekend I thought I would whip myself up one of these guys. It's basically the most simple, refreshing alcoholic drink that works perfectly in a mason jar. 

Raspberry Lemonade Vodka


1. Simply Lemonade, usually I would use raspberry but I had blueberry and I love that too

2. Tito's Vodka

3. Simple Syrup

4. Raspberries

5. If you're hosting something sugar cane sticks would be awesome to serve them with 


There isn't exactly a set recipe for this, because it depends on how much you like to taste your alcohol and how much sugar you like. lol 

However here is a guideline to start with

I usually do about a third vodka to 2/3 lemonade. Then I add in a few tablespoons worth of the simple syrup, enough to take the bite off the vodka. Pop the raspberries in, as many as you want to soak in the bottom! 

Serve chilled or over ice