How to Make Your Windows Look Bigger


I. Love. To. Decorate. If you didn't already know that then you really don't know me at all lol. Over the years I have gotten better, through trial and error, at knowing what will fit in a space, and how to put certain things together. One of the things I wanted to share with you are some tips and tricks on how to hang your curtains. 

This is what the curtains actually look like. Taking photos of a window with all sorts of different light coming through is borderline impossible. 

So the photo on the left is the before. The curtains are hung kind of awkwardly in the middle of the window, because I didn't know what to do with the arch. There are several reasons that we decided to hang the curtains above the whole window. 

One, we wanted to be able to pull the curtains fully closed, especially when this room eventually belongs to a little one. We may even invest in some blackout blinds to go behind them. 

Two, by hanging the curtains both higher and wider than the window, it gives the window a larger appearance. This is really the whole point of my post. Hang your curtains both wider and taller than your window. That way when you have them pulled to each side, you're not blocking any of the natural light coming in. 

Here is the window, in between hanging the curtains, to give you a better idea of it's size. This room is fairly small, but has a really great vaulted ceiling. By making the window seem larger, it fits into this space much better. 

I would consider hanging the curtains even higher, but these curtains are 96 inches and still don't reach the floor. So that would mean ordering custom curtains. Which isn't really in the Target sale section right now. 

So one more step is done towards finishing our office/craftroom/someday nursery. We just picked up a dresser Aaron's aunt gave us last night so I'll be refinishing it this weekend. Then comes painting the room on some super tall, sketchy ladder. I'll keep you posted.