Life Lately 4/18-5/1

Things I'm excited about

1. We just got back this week from our trip to NY and it was amazing! We saw so many places, ate tons of great food, and spend a lot of time with family and friends! Except for coming back home not broke, what more could you ask for?

Photo from Kentucky Derby Facebook page

Photo from Kentucky Derby Facebook page





2. It's Derby Day! For a girl that loves Kentucky as much as I do, this is an amazing week here in Louisville! So many fun things going on, and so much state pride!





3. I'm officially a member of the Southern Blog Society! Slowly getting more official here people! 




4. We just finished our first giveaway for Bourbon City Goods! The winner of the Mason Jar Storage Rack is Beth from BPaperie! I'll contact you this weekend with further details on how to claim your prize!!

Favorite Internet Finds

1. I LOVE this print from Maiko Nagao! "wake up, kick ass, be kind, repeat." I'm currently entered into a contest to win it, but I need this in my life. 

2. I can't wait for these shorts from Gap to arrive. Earlier in the year I went through my wardrobe, and after purging a ton of my high school clothes, I've been slowly trying to replace some things. Classy shorts being one of them. Love the length, fit, color, and that you can dress these up or down!

3. Technically not an internet find, but I got an email informing me about it so it counts.This is my absolute FAVORITE ice cream flavor and it comes around once a year. Commence weekly Graeters trips now. 

4. I pretty much live in tank tops in the summer, so I'm thinking this one will need to become part of my wardrobe. Heaven knows I love my Kentucky for Kentucky gear. 

Project Goals

1. So I should finish all my yard work this weekend! I weeded, mulched the front yard, and planted flowers during the week. Today I'm going to try and make this brick frame for our walkway and hopefully plant some baby trees! I am really trying to figure out what to do about the backyard. The pups just discovered digging, so I know no flowers this year. They sometimes eat mulch though, so I can't decide whether to not touch the backyard (it looks real shabby right now), just mulch it to help build up the beds, or to think about putting rock down. That seems like a choking hazard to me but I don't know. Opinions welcome!!

2. So we have a big pile of electrical projects stacked in our basement right now. Two ceiling fans, two outdoor lights (we need two more), and a stairwell light. Once we get all of these installed though, we should be done with electrical stuff for a while, which is a relief! 

3. One of our friends has the world's most awesome barn doors in her kitchen and we have decided to aspire to replicate it. We're going to move the barn doors in our bedroom to the spare bedroom to replace the white folding closet doors (yay!) and then attempt to make a giant one for our bedroom! Pray it works! 

That's a snapshot of what's been going on with us lately! Next week is busy, busy so I'm headed outside to enjoy the sunshine!

Happy Derby everyone!