Life Lately 5/2-5/15

Excited About 



In an effort to make my business more official, one of the things I wanted to work on was photos. Photos of myself and of my products have been severely wanting. Insert Chelcey. I now have several new photos I can use for promotional purposes and will soon have some more modern product photos!  



We were able to host both a bonfire for a friend and a Mother's Day cook out in one weekend. I am LOVING that we have a place where we can have people over to! 



I just finished reading The Boston Girl and really enjoyed it. It was an easy read and really gave a great portrayal of what life was like in the early 1900's. Plus Anita Diamant is one of my favorite authors. I have yet to read a book she's written that I haven't loved. 

Gone Girl was an interesting read. It was definitely a page turner, however it was twisted. I am curious to see the movie now and see how they portray everything! 



I basically live in tank tops in the summer, so I am loving on this Y'all sweatshirt from Kentucky for Kentucky I just got. I've worn it far too many times already.


We were able to go to a concert at Iroquois Amphitheater last week and saw NeedToBreathe, Drew Holcomb, and Ben Rector. So they have pretty much been on repeat. 


This pineapple shirt from Ily Couture is dreamy. Love how cute it is, but it's a bit of a splurge item. Maybe once our finances are a little less chaotic!

I'm also loving on this hat from ASOS. I've been rocking the floppy hat game lately, and am thinking I could use a colorful one in the mix!


So I have a borderline ridiculous amount of free coupons to Heine Brothers coffee, so I've made it my goal to try everything on the menu. Challenge accepted. 

We have eaten at The Goat twice in the past week. And we really like it. In this picture are their Mahi tacos (the pineapple salsa is amazing, if I could combine it with the corn salsa from Chipotle I might be in salsa heaven) and the buffalo chicken pizza. But lets be serious, the real reason I like it is the shuffle board. I'm not so great at pool. 


Apparently when I get stressed I paint. And I've been stressed, so a lot has gotten painted. In the last week I've painted three dressers, have another one that a family member is giving us that we're picking up this week, and when I can get a hold of a tall enough ladder plan to paint the "office" as well. 



I've decided I am going to focus on finishing the first floor before I do anything else. There really isn't a ton left, and most is relatively cheap too. Here's my list of whats left

1. Paint office

2. Refinish dresser for office

3. Put barn doors in spare bedroom

4. Make new barn door for master bedroom 

5. New ceiling fans in living room 


I HATE that my cousin doesn't live in Louisville anymore. So thankful for technology so I can at least text her and have hour long phone calls to catch up. Long distance best friend is not my favorite thing. 




OVERWHELMED. Everything has broken this week. They say bad things happen in sets of three. I've had six. Broken AC, pipe burst, broken washer, mini wreck/car issues, sick dogs, and finances. Really hoping to power through this week and recover from everything!


This dudes face. The boys got a kiddie pool a few weeks ago and are loving it. Apparently they are loving the new mulch I put down too. That was fun to clean up lol 




And that's been my first half of May! The weekends go by too fast and the work week takes too long! Bring on summer, weddings, and vacations!