Painting Furniture How To

So after my post about chalk paint on Monday I got an itch to paint something. Plus after the recent hit our home has taken in home repairs, I need to be picking some cheaper projects for a while :D

Photo taken and paint purchased at Vintage Style and Designs

Honestly most of our furniture is things we already had before we were married (think childhood bedroom) and hand me downs. So truthfully there are very few pieces that are actually "new." Which is totally fine for now, because that means I get to paint some stuff some different colors, that I might not be willing to buy a new item in, because I know it's temporary. 

That being said, I was given this dresser that was already painted when I got it. I had changed out the brass handles (why always brass?) for these colorful knobs before we moved. 

I'm currently working on making my "office/craft room" a bit more put together. I know I won't be keeping this room this way for long, (It's kinda perfect for a nursery) but I also don't want to stare at a hodgepodge of disconnected stuff for a couple years. SO I plan on making a few minor changes, such as paint and curtains, that can carry over into our next stage in life so I hopefully don't end up doing everything twice! 

So while this dresser was fun, it was a bit loud for me. I'm hoping to paint the walls gray and have a bunch of soft, neutral tones in this room so bright teal was not the color I wanted to stick with!

Again, another reason I love chalk paint is you just put it right on. Start to finish this maybe took 2-3 hours including dry time!

First I pulled out all the drawers and took off the hardware. 


If you were replacing the hardware and needed to drill new holes, now would be when you would do this and spackle the old ones. 

I only had to do two coats of paint! Furniture is really fun to do because you can see the results immediately! Being the impatient person that I am I love projects that you start and finish in one day!

It's hard to tell in this photo but this is half waxed, half just paint. So after the two coats of paint, most of the time I will use the clear wax for chalk paint or some sort of sealant. This just helps keep the paint protected from wear and tear, especially on something like a dresser where you are opening and shutting it all the time. 

The wax makes the paint closer to the color on the sample swatch, usually darker with a super small amount of sheen. Still though, don't plan on everything always being the exact color. The base color of what you're painting, the lighting, how many coats you use, and the sealant you have can all be factors in slightly changing the way your color looks. (Hence why the colors in these photos all change, the sun was setting when I started painting). 

Couple cost saving tips. One, don't buy the expensive brushes they advertise with the paint. Get a simple brush that has an angle that's big enough to cover a lot with one stroke, but small enough to get in the detailed areas. Another thing is on the wax, don't buy the tool they suggest for it. I'm pretty sure it's like $30-$40. Spend your money on the paint and use an old rag you're okay with throwing away afterward. All you do is rub it into the paint, which is really porous. 

So what do you think? Not too shabby huh? Still a fun, colorful piece, but a little more subdued. I think that this is going to look great once I get the walls painted grey and some big curtains on the window! Can't wait to pull this room together!


And if anyone is wondering, this is the color that I used! It's one of my favorites! Fun color, but it can still be subtle and go with neutrals!