Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Before & Afters

It's no secret I love a good DIY project. And we're not exactly made of money. So as a result I have done a lot with taking furniture that has either been gifted to us, or we found at a Peddler's Mall or consignment shop, and rehabbing it into something we're proud of. Nine times out of ten I have used Annie Sloan Chalk paint and it never disappoints. Here are a few tips and tricks I've used when it comes to painting my furniture. 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint tends to be a bit more expensive than regular paint, but the results save you time and unnecessary effort, so I think it's worth it. You don't have to sand (Praise Lord) and it usually only takes two to three coats without any primer or griper. I get mine at Vintage Style and Designs. They have all sorts of other fun decor and tons of tips! 

This is a before and after of the bookcase photo shown above. I got these for $19 at Yesternook each. After some new knobs and two coats of paint I went from hating to loving them!

I'll go ahead and apologize for my before pictures. Most of these pieces were done well before I had even considered blogging, but hopefully you get the idea. 

Clearly I like the French Linen color. It's probably my favorite, but don't hold me to that. I've got plenty more ideas for furniture to paint that I'm planning on testing out some new colors on!

So this piece we actually requested for the sellers of the house to leave. I loved the details and it fit the corner perfectly. This is what the paint looked like though, so I think my realtor thought I was crazy. 

You can get a wax that pairs with it to seal everything in, which I've done for most pieces. However, with something that is going to get more wear and tear, like my kitchen cabinets, I used a polyacrylic seal. This kept it a similar look as chalk paint, with only a mild gloss, but it made it where it wouldn't absorb splashes from food or drinks. 

These were the cabinets before. Again I liked the details on them, but they were dirty, worn, and the color was not what I had envisioned for our dream kitchen. However, buying all new cabinets was out of the question being that we renovated the whole kitchen mostly ourselves and on the cheap! Annie Sloan to the rescue!

It's not available everywhere, depending on where you live you'll have to look for local sellers. You can also order online, but if you have a store near you I would go there because then you can see all your color options. Plus there is always some awesome painted pieces for you to draw inspiration from and the owners truly are experienced and excited about their product. 


So this is not the actual original for these next two pieces, but it's SUPER similar. Both of these dresser used to be my husband's grandmother's childhood furniture. So they were really well built, but had been              through the ringer. Plus we know how I feel about brass. 

One of my biggest suggestions with furniture rehabs is changing out the hardware. You'll notice in my kitchen the cabinets either didn't have anything, or it was brass (always brass). What I do to make it fit the new handles I choose, whether it's something classy like the stainless steel in the kitchen, or fun like these green knobs below, is spackle. I  use the nail hole filler and fill in the previous holes, making sure it's smooth with the woods surface. After it dries, I just drill a hole in the center of the drawer for my new knob!

This next one I chose to distress a little to keep with the old fashioned look of the piece. There is also a dark wax I've been wanting to try but I'm nervous to! Need to just take the plunge and give it a try!

I have had this dresser since I was 7. Another good piece, but cherry wood and brass are just no longer in style. Plus it clashed with the other wood pieces I have in our bedroom. Yes there is some furniture that I don't paint and leave it's original color. 

No before photo for this one, but one of my mother-in-laws found this skinny little table for me. She gifted it to us when we bought our home, knowing I could find a fun spot for it. It was just a plain wooden table, but it fit perfectly in the skinny part of our kitchen as a coffee bar! Any other piece would have been too big but this fits perfect!

So that's my advice for painting furniture! When you don't have much money to spend, paint is one of the best ways to give any room or piece of furniture a face lift! Plus you can just paint it again when your style changes! And just to clarify, this is not an ad or a paid piece. I just genuinely love chalk paint and hope you learn to love it too! 

Feel free to message me with any questions you might have! I would love to see what projects you are working on!