Entryway DIY

So in my ever present quest to make my house look as polished and complete as possible, with the help of some friends I came up with this entryway reno. Not only does it make the space look much more bright, clean, and organized, but it also adds an entire shelf I can dedicate to awesome prints! 

So you can see why when I stared at this space everyday, I needed to come up with something to make it better. It's not really a foyer, and hardly even an entryway. It's basically one wall. lol But it's the first one that you see when you walk in and it's where everyone dumps their coats and bags so I wanted it to be nice! 

There were several things I really disliked about this space. The biggest was the tile. I gave this a temporary fix with finding a rug that was close in size. Someday, when we don't know what to do with all of our extra money because we've made it big time, I'll get new floors and yank out the tile. But until then, a rug will do. 

I also really hated how uneven the space was, everything was heavy to the left and then I had those pictures awkwardly floating to the right because I didn't know what else could fit behind the door. 

So these are the supplies you'll need. It honestly wasn't much and depending on the size space you have it could be even less. I think we spent less than $100 on the whole thing. 

So you have your bead board, the board that will function as the actual shelf, and then the moulding to go under the shelf to provide a transition, the moulding to frame it, and the L brackets. 

We already had most of the hooks and white paint left over from the kitchen so that saved us some money, but it's all cheap items!

So the first step was to get the bead board on the wall. The only thing that was tricky about this was cutting the hole for the outlet. We used a jigsaw and measured where it needed to be. We just used small white nails to hold the board in place. 

Then came the shelf and molding. We mounted the shelf right on top of the bead board. We decided to use upside down L brackets to hang it from since I knew I was going to cover the shelf in frames. I liked this better than having the brackets showing on the white beadboard. I went ahead and painted the brackets the color of the wall too, just in case one poked out. 

Lastly we cut the thin molding and attached it around the borders of the bead board and under the shelf to make everything look more polished. Liquid nails would work here but we just kept on with our tiny nails.

We then spackeled over all the edges to make a smoother transition, filled in the nail holes, and smoothed out the cuts for the outlet. 

Two coats of white paint later and it was done!

We attached the hooks once everything was dry. Then came the fun part! Decorating it all! The space is about 8 ft long so that meant lots of frames and prints! You'll notice I used the two pictures I had previously had hanging, but they look so much better here than they did before!

Personally, I think the contrast of how busy it is above the shelf is balanced out by the wall of white below it. I love it! 

We've got the baskets filled with gloves, hats, leashes, ect. Anything you would need as you walk out the door! But it's all covered and looks clean and organized! I painted that My Old Kentucky Home sign a long time ago to fit over the door way, and now it doesn't look so out of place. 

We actually used these crazy sticker things for the windows on each side of the door. When we moved in they had dusty blue curtains on them, so those had to go. But instead of paying for new frosted windows we were able to cut these custom stickers and give it the same effect for $20! 

Print on far left by ThirstyHeartDesign. Pineapple print by Maiko Nagao. 

Print on far left by ThirstyHeartDesign. Pineapple print by Maiko Nagao. 

Prints by WhatThePrint

Prints by WhatThePrint

I love all the little details! It turned out exactly how I wanted! And all things considered it was a fairly easy project, that really only took about one Saturday! Please shoot me any questions you have about it