Life Lately 3/28-4/2

Things I'm Excited About

1. I had an awesome time last weekend visiting in Birmingham! We stayed with my cousin and her husband and got to see my high school best friend Laura all day Saturday too!

This is Tori and I when we were little, in what I think was my Noah's Ark bedroom. So hilarious. 


We may have been a bit focused on all the awesome food we got to eat

2. While we were down there, we decided to buy a record player. This has been such an awesome choice. We put it in the middle of our living room and are loving it. We're going out today to search for more records to buy for it! 

3. My hair might actually be growing. I used to have hair all the way down my back, and right after I got married I chopped it off. I decided like 6 months ago that I missed it and am growing it out. Right now I'm in that awkward where I miss my long hair, and miss my short hair, but definitely don't like this hair stage. So if it would hurry and grow fast so I don't get impatient and chop it that would be grand. lol 

Favorite Internet Finds


1. This clutch/purse/bag from puravida is my favorite. Definetly expensive though for being small, but I can at least admire how fun it is. 

2. This maxi dress from Modcloth. I love all the colors and it's perfect for summer! The price tag has me hesitating, but maybe it could be a splurge item sometime!

3. This Kentucky Bucket List. Hello, how fun. It's from Kentucky for Kentucky (clearly I like their stuff) I may have to get this and start crossing stuff off the list!

4. Persnickety Prints. So I ordered that scrapbook a few weeks ago I'm really excited about doing, but a lot of the pages have different sized pictures, not to mention the majority of the photos I have taken since we've been married are on Instagram, so I needed somewhere that could print 3x3 photos! They have been super detail oriented, and want to make sure I get the best pictures possible!

Project Goals

1. We are starting the foyer today! Bought all the stuff this week, and Aaron said he would help me start to hang everything! Pray this all works, kind of making it up in my head as I go! If it works, I'll post a tutorial on how to do it!

2. I'm trying to decide what color of gray to paint the spare bedroom. We haven't had to do a ton to this room, but I'm excited to wrap it up. Going to paint it (it's currently green), touch up the furniture (it go super scratched when we moved), and then change the closet doors to barn doors. Gotta embrace living in the "country" right? 

3. I'm getting excited that it's almost safe to start working on the yard. They say you can't plant flowers before Derby in Louisville, but I'm at least checking out my options! We plan on planting a lot of flowers, some evergreens, some fruit trees, and a maple tree. And some hydrangea bushes too! I'm telling you, this house has so much potential! Just wish the previous owners had been able to see it! We went to this awesome mom-and-pop shop near our house and talked to the owner about everything we were planning on doing. I can't wait to get started! 

This was some of the things they had inside, while they are growing flowers and trees outside!