Life Lately 4/11-4/17

Things I'm excited about

1. WE ARE ON OUR WAY TO NY!!! We seriously have't taken a full on vacation in forever, definitely not since I started my new job, and honestly I don't know when we did when we were in school. Point being, it's been a while and I am excited. 

2. Another Messy Box arrived and so did all of my Instagram prints. When I get back, documenting the last three years of being married commenced.  Plus the fact that A Beautiful Mess regrammed my photo, and got well over 4,000 likes on it, is more than flattering.

3. I just sent in my application to become a member of The Southern Blog Society and have gained about 150 followers on Instagram since starting this blogging journey in January! So excited to see where this takes me and to meet all sorts of other creative entrepreneurs! 

Photo from The Southern Blog Society 

Photo from The Southern Blog Society 

Favorite Internet Finds

1. This awesome cardigan that is perfect for this "not quite sure if it's going to be 50 or 70 degrees" weather. Plus it's on sale at! 

2. I LOVE this print. I'm not so great on avoiding clutter when it comes to decorating, but somewhere in my kitchen this needs to find a home! Check it out at Shoppe!

3. So technically I have three mothers. My mom, and two mother-in-laws. We have a ton of family, which a such a huge blessing, but sometimes it makes holidays a bit tricky when trying to decide what to get people! Head on over to see some suggestions Chelcey Tate has put together! 

4. So while this is hilarious that I would consider this a "favorite," when you have no idea what you are doing when it comes to owning a house, any and all tips and tricks are accepted. This is listed on the DIY network. As we get ready to amp up our outside, this gave us an awesome breakdown of how to rid our yard of all these pesky weeds (even though this one is pretty). Now whether or not we actually get rid of them we will see....

Project Goals

1. I finished painting the space bedroom! No more green! Now I just need to retouch the furniture that got scratched when we moved and move the barn doors into this room and it'll be done!

2. When we get back, we are going to try and knock out the yard! Mulch, flowers, trees, trim, and maybe get to talking to someone about putting some railing on our front porch. Trying to get that curb appeal!

3. So we ordered the ceiling fans for our living room because they were having a sale. However we need to get some sort of special mounting kit, some sort of rod, and an uncomfortably tall ladder. So if anyone feels like sharing their electrical expertise with us please feel free!


Until next week I will talk to you all later! Feel free to follow our trip on Instagram! It's going to be a blast!