Life Lately 3/21-3/27

Things I'm excited about

1. I'm 24! I love my birthday. Everything about it. I love hearing from family and friends you might not normally hear from. I love the presents (duh.) I love that everyone asks you what you want to do and lets you make the decisions. All of it is great. My parents and grandparents still get me presents, we got to double with Chelcey and Sean for dinner, and then a bunch of us went bowling late that night. Plus you always seem to get emails about free stuff or discounts around this time! So that's been fun. Here is me rocking one of my favorite gifts, this dreamy, "Sydney Shopper" Fossil bag. 

2. My mom bought me a Skip-It for my birthday. Children of the 90's you have to remember these. This is what they looked like then. The ones now are a bit more athletic looking. Don't worry though I still got it :D She knows I'm trying to be healthier and that I always hated jumping rope, but loved the skip-it. I'm crying :D

3. I get to spend the whole weekend with my bestie, my cousin Tori. Aaron and I are going to visit Tori and my high school best friend Laura, who both live in Birmingham. It's going to be great to take a little mini trip and just have fun! 

4. So after a sixth month mission trip, with three months training in Maui and three months abroad in Nepal, Aaron's best friend, Parker, is back in Kentucky! Only for a short while, but we're so glad to have him home safe! So proud of you Park! Here is a picture of Aaron and Parker on our wedding day!

Favorite Internet Finds

1. These Sunset Aztec pants are from Kohls. Thank you birthday money. I've basically come to the decision that I can't wear a Maxi skirt because it hugs the widest point of my body, and then hangs straight down. However, loose pants like this provide the same comfort and fun, but they actually show that my legs, do in fact, go in. Win win. 

2. A friend at work suggested this website to me called It has all sorts of easy, healthy recipes on here that I'm hoping to give a try!

3. So I signed up to start getting daily emails from something called the Skimm. I told you all in my 25 habits to break by 25 post that I literally had no concept of what was going on in the world as far as news was concerned. Well this is slowly helping to fix that. They hit the highlights for me and I'm starting to get a handle on what's happening around me! Gotta start somewhere!

4. So I've actually been super happy that I bought that last floppy hat from World Market that I showed in my last weekly update! So much so that I think I want a black one too! I'm nervous to order a hat without trying it on though but this ons is cheap! It's from Windsor and it's really simple. I may have to do it!

Project Goals

1. We officially finished the fence! The gates are in! We now have a way to get the lawnmower in the backyard, so bring on the warm weather! Only hiccup lately, seems to be that Wyatt, our younger lab, is still skinny enough he can army crawl under the fence and has just discovered this. He's not a runner, but the few times he has gotten out it has scared me half to death. We have put chicken wire up on the spots we think he could get out from, so hopefully that will keep him in! He's going to be a big dog someday, just need him to put some meat on his bones so he doesn't fit anymore!!

2. I want to start the foyer this coming week. I really think it will only take a day or two once we buy everything. Now that the kitchen is done I'm itching to get everything else up to date. Is there such a thing as Decorators Anonymous? 

3. I spent a lot of time in the yard last weekend, and got everything trimmed, weeds pulled and sprayed for, and spread grass seed and straw. I'm hoping in April to plant a few bushes and then get the mulch down! That way in May I can plant flowers and trees! Not really safe in Louisville to plant flowers before then, I've been told!

4. Still trying to decide how to go about the chalkboard door for the kitchen. I'm almost thinking of some sort of framed mirror hanging on it so it's a flat surface, and looks nice with a frame but with chalk. Thoughts or suggestions? I'm hoping this is another easy one!