Kitchen Before & After

This kitchen renovation was a serious labor of love. It took five months, a decent amount of money, and a crazy amount of paint! But it's finally done, it's exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be more thrilled! Let me walk you through the before and afters of this whole process and everything we changed!

So this sink might be my favorite addition. You could seriously give a bath to a toddler in here. This was one of our splurge purchases for the kitchen, but I knew if I was going to have a country kitchen I had to have a farmhouse sink!

You can see in this before photo we made a lot of changes in addition to the sink. We took down the wallpaper (there were two different layers with different patterns on here so that was fun). We also took down the curtain, cut the cabinet doors for the sink, and took down that last set of cabinets and opted for open shelving (namely a place where I can display all my mugs). 

This shows the open shelving, and being that we have an open floor plan I think it flows much nicer into the next room. The other awesome part is we now have a functioning peninsula where these bar stools actually make sense. For some stupid reason the counter stopped where the base was (no overhang) so there was no where to put your legs even though the previous owners had stools here as well. I'm not trying to sit sidesaddle while eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

We also, obviously, painted the cabinets. New cabinets would have been super expensive, plus I like these for the most part. They fit well with the country chique vibe I'm going for. We also changed all of the hardware from the brass (forever fighting brass here) to these silver ones on the cabinets. The drawers didn't even have any pulls so we added those as well. 

See? No where to put your legs, but it is so obviously supposed to function as an island. 

I absolutely wanted to use this beadboard as the backsplash. It is beyond classy and is so bright and clean looking. To find wood this thick, I had to travel to a sawmill in Bagdad, Kentucky but I think it was well worth it, don't you?

We decided to go with granite countertops. We toyed around with butcher block which I have always loved, and marble, which there are some awesome white pieces with gray streaks in it that are dreamy, but granite seemed like the right choice for us. We were able to get a great deal on it through a friend and the wear and tear is much more durable than either the marble, or the wood. I've tried to incorporate some wooden details around the room to bring it warmth though.  

I know you can only faintly see it, but that hood above the stove was gnarly. White is not my first choice for appliances, but ours are in good repair so we are going to be keeping them until they die and then upgrading. However, this hood was cream, old, and absolutely covered in grease. There was no helping it. So Aaron figured out how to replace it with a nice stainless steal one we got a good deal on. 

We also added the glass in these two cabinets. I think it breaks up the sea of cabinet doors really well, plus I get to show off some of our fun Fiesta Ware! Some of it was even my great grandmothers from when she was married. We went with subway tile above the stove for heat reasons. I kept going back and forth between beadboard and subway tile, so being able to have both in one kitchen was awesome!

I have a thing for kitchen towels. Easy gift idea for me, I will always be thrilled. 

Super pleased with this simple little measuring cup holder. One more way to add that rustic charm in to the space!

This monstrosity is what they had to hold their microwave. Not only was it huge and awkward to get around, it also made the kitchen seem super narrow. I decided to replace it with a drink station! It fits the space much better which allows everything to flow well and makes that area still feel like part of the kitchen!  

Plus my dad and I made that wine rack, so that's pretty neat. 

Oh this sad little desk, just needed some love and attention to become the organized (read OCD) person's dream. 

I need to find a chair that has a cushion that fits under here still. However, it helped with adding another pop of blue which I tried to have throughout. And I forever love using shutters to hold mail in that you've read but are not quite done with! (read bills.)

So that is our kitchen reno! We did as much of it ourselves as we could and saved a lot of money that way! We went through a family friend for the counters, sink, and backsplash. Thank you so much Phil, who works with Prestige Builders! We learned a lot, painted way to many times, and now have a beautiful kitchen to show for it! I am so stinking proud of it and we love it! Hope you do too!