What's In My Bag?

I thought I would share a few of the essentials that I lug around with me on a daily basis. My purse is constantly bursting at the seams, and it is laughable to see me try to fit everything into a cute little side bag. Once I clear out the stack of receipts, trash, random trinkets, and snacks (not really sure who needs five pens, 20 bobby pins, and a spare pair of shoes on a regular basis) it becomes much more manageable. 

So let's begin!

1. Post Its

I am constantly having to write myself reminders or take down phone numbers. Paper is preferred but I will use my hand if necessary. 

2. Nail File

How many times have you broken a nail or gotten a hang nail and wished you had a way to fix it?

3. Calendar

My schedule is too confusing to try to memorize. My life consists of lists and schedules and dates to try to keep it all straight!

4. Dental Floss

Always. One I hate gross teeth and two you don't want to be out and then spend the last two hours somewhere fixated on the annoying feeling of food stuck between your teeth.

5. Glasses

I may or may not have trouble seeing super great to drive in the dark so these should be with me at all times.

6. Kleenex

Random spill, emotional moment, runny nose. You name it, you need em. 

7. Hair brush

Long twelve hour days of me wearing an adorable hat over my hair at work. Enough said. 

8. Checkbook

Yes I keep a checkbook. No I am not 50. Life is so much easier when you know how much money you have and where it is. 

9. Wallet

Duh. I buy things. 

10. Sunscreen

Come on, I worked at a dermatologist for four years. I'm just planning on being really attractive when I'm 40, with no wrinkles. 

11. Pens

Something to go with the paper. I usually either have ten or none. 

12. Chapstick

Sometimes you're lucky and I'll use something with color, but lately this winter it has been all about the Carmex. 

13. Sunglasses

Same as the pens. I either seem to have three pairs when it's cloudy, or none when it's the sunniest day of the year. 

14. Hairties and bobby pins

Always good to have some handy for when you get sick of your hair getting in the way.

15. Hand lotion

Winter time. Hand eczema. Enough said. 

15. Compact

Never know when you're going to be running around like a mad woman and need a little help looking like you haven't just run a marathon. 

Not pictured but commonly available :D Clearly I need to run to Walgreens. 

1. Mints or gum. 

Stank breath, not cute. 

2. Tide-to-Go pin

Why do you choose to wear a white shirt and then knowingly choose to eat chili? Just why?

3. Hand sanitizer

Because germs. 

So that's pretty much the basics for me! What do you keep in your purse that's different from me???