Life Lately 3/14-3/20

Things I'm excited about

1. My kitchen reno is actually done!!!! It took FIVE months but it is finally complete and it looks lightyears better than when we moved in! Stay tuned this weekend for a Before & After blog post! 

2. My birthday is TODAY! Aaron and I are going to have a birthday day date, doing all sorts of my favorite things, all day long! I'm sure Starbucks, maybe some house project shopping, a few of my favorite stores, and a fancy dinner might make the list! 

3. My puppies officially know how to ring the jingle bell we have hanging on the back door when they need to go outside. No barking, just nosing the little bell. I actually trust them enough I brought all the rugs back out! This momma is happy house training is officially figured out! 

4. Yesterday I had a much needed girls night! Two of the girls in my small group and I went to the movies after work. So thankful for new friendships! (and movie popcorn)

5. My messy book and messy box arrived yesterday! Now just to order the photos to put in it and the crafting can begin! I think I am going to try and print photos from the first few years of our marriage and see if it works out to an album a year! It's amazing how little you actually print with so much technology! Time to catch up!

Favorite Internet Finds

1. This dress from The Blue Door Boutique. My grandma is getting it for me for my birthday, and it may be an option for what I'm going to wear to the Maiedae Mixer this fall! 

2. I just recently discovered PuraVida bracelets and love them. I hope to soon have an arm full! Each bracelet helps to provide full-time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. I just ordered my first set this week! Check them out!  

3. This hat though. It's from World Market and I wasn't sure if I was cool enough to pull it off, but I bought it anyway! I love it. It's fun and awesome if you're having a bad hair day (or constant hat hair like me wearing a cap all day!)

4. This pillow. No not the Abe Lincoln one (although it's kind of hilarious, making me like it too). The KY one. I apparently see no limit to the number of KY decor (or pillows, ask my husband) that can be in our house. This cute little pillow is from Work the Metal. Please someone buy it for me because technically I'm not supposed to buy pillows anymore according to Aaron. :D 

Project Goals

1. I finished the measuring cup holder this week! It's now hanging above the stove and it matches the open shelves I have across the kitchen! Check out these photos!

2. So when I say the kitchen is done, it's a relative term. I have too many small detail ideas to be truly done with a room. I don't like the doors in our house, so one project I want to tackle soon is somehow making the pantry door a giant chalkboard. I am open to any and all suggestions! 

3. Now that the kitchen is done, I'm hoping we can crank out the foyer! They will coordinate with one another well because of the bead board and now that we are masters at hanging and painting it thanks to our kitchen, I think it should be a quick project!

4. The ever ominous fence. I'm hoping with us traveling soon, we can cement the posts before we leave that way they can dry while we're gone. That way the pups only have like one day without a fenced yard when we get back and then attach the gates to them. It sounds like a fair plan but we'll see!