Life Lately 3/6-3/13

So I'm going to attempt the first of many weekly updates with a few lists for you!

Things I'm Excited About

1. My kitchen renovation may actually be finished within the next week. We have been working on the kitchen since October. OCTOBER. It was probably the second worst cosmetic room in the house (second only to the spare bathroom, see previous post). We have since painted the cabinets, put glass in a few, mounted some open shelving, got a new sink and new counters. Now we're finishing up the backsplash, some doors, and minor details!

2. My birthday is in 8 days. Holla. Love my birthday and love celebrating. I think Aaron and I are going to finally use our giftcard to go to Seviche for dinner! Maybe the weather will remember it's time for spring and we can sit outside!

3. The sisters will both be in town tonight and we're going to the St. Patrick fish fry. First off, they, quite possibly, have the world best onion rings. Secondly, my siblings and I went here K-8, Aaron and I started dating here, we had our wedding reception here, and my family is still super involved. The place will always hold a special spot for me. 

Favorite Internet Finds

1. This awesome sweater from Francesca's. It's huge, can be thrown over anything, and I got it on sale with free shipping. #winning

2. This free download pineapple print from Maiko Nagao. Chelcey Tate sent this to me and it's just so darn happy. Soon I will have a big wall to put prints on and this one is definitely going there. 

3. Hello Messy Box! I have not printed hardly any photos since what seems like our wedding three years ago! What a perfectly cute way to record everything! Thank you for coming up with this ABeautifulMess!

4. This mug from Kentucky for Kentucky. It's currently sold out, but I need it. So if anyone is looking for birthday ideas, look no further. I actually texted Aaron and told him I needed a kiln in order to start making these because they are fabulous.  

Project Goals

So in this section, since I forever have a to do list, I'm hoping to tell you what I'm working on and then the next week post photos with completed projects! Unless it warrants it's own blog post of course ;)

1. Wooden meaursing cup rack. We tiled the area above our stove, and I'm making a SUPER simple wooden rack to hang the cups up from! Pictures to follow!

2. Hopefully once we wrap this kitchen up we will be able to start on our front foyer. Its a small, lame, little space with nothing special right now. We're planning on adding a wall of bead board, tons of black hooks, and an awesome shelf where I can load it up with decorative knick knacks, primarily prints!

3.  We've got to get the last bit of our fence done. It's all enclosed and we've been able to use it all winter. But as spring is possibly, actually arriving we have to add a gate in that our lawn mower can fit through. This is going to be an ordeal, because the fence will have to be open for a few days to let the concrete dry. So pray it stops raining so we can finish this up!