25 Habits to Break by 25

Being that I turn 24 this month, I've been thinking about age a lot. Certain accomplishments you're "supposed" to have done by the time you turn a quarter of a century. Marriage, house, car, career, ect. And being that I only have a year to "accomplish" said tasks it got me thinking. 

Turning 25 seems like the time in our lives when we're supposed to have our life together. We're out of school, working full time, and a lot of us living on our own and supporting ourselves. We're supposed to be semi-established and debt-free (ya right), and supposedly supposed to know what we want to do with the rest of our lives. 

Reality check. Most of us are still figuring it out. Even if you can check off a few of the "supposed" list, we still don't know everything. Is this my forever job? Am I making enough money? How in the world do you invest something? Will I ever move? Will I spend the rest of my life with this person? 

RELAX! You've gotten this far. But we all still have some learning to do, especially as we grow into adulthood. More expectations, more responsibilities, but in my opinion, more fun. Check out the list below of things I think you should be growing out of by the time you hit 25. 

25 habits to break by 25

1. Grocery shopping while hungry.

I am the absolute worst at this. I end up either opening something in the store, or buying all sorts of goodies that were definitely not on my list. STICK TO THE LIST. 

2. Forgetting to send a thank you card. 

Come on. When you were 10 if your parents didn't force you to write them it's acceptable, but if someone gets you a gift at 25 (which you get them from less people at this age anyway) write them a card saying thank you. 

3. Not being prepared for the weather. 

I am forever wishing I had grabbed another jacket, or thrown on those rain boots instead. I do manage to keep an umbrella in my car. Look at the weather before you leave the house, grab what you need, and quit complaining. 

4. Facebook stalking people. 

Yes this was fun in high school and you may have even obsessed over what your ex was doing in college, but seriously stop caring. If you don't know what's going on in their lives without creeping, you don't need to know. 

5. Being afraid to ask for help. 

This one is a struggle. I like to think I am independent and can solve whatever problem I need to, but there really is no shame in asking for help. Most people are happy to give it. 

6. Gossiping about coworkers. 

Several reasons to quit this. One it's juvenile and talking about them isn't going to fix anything, and two someone is bound to hear you and pass it back to the person and make it even worse.

7. Not knowing your limits with alcohol.

Quarter of a century old. Enough said.  

8. Saying you can't cook. 

Buck up, it's time to learn. You will have to feed yourself for the next 50+ years. Quit ordering take out, buy a simple recipe book and try it. It's cheaper, better for you, and leftovers are great for lunches.

9. Insecurities about your body. 

In high school I feel like that's all I thought about. How did I look, had I done my hair, thank goodness I put on makeup, why do volleyball players have to wear spandex, when can I go to the tanning bed next? It is so nice to not be constantly plagued by these thoughts anymore. Having a healthy relationship with your body is clutch. Stop making excuses to not work out, but don't get hung up on +/- one pound. I don't think I've stepped on a scale in months and I'm doing just fine, thank you very much. 

10. Ignoring coupons or sales. 

It really does add up. Shop around, don't just buy it because it's right there. You don't have to be a coupon lady to get a good deal. 

11. Not staying up to date on current events. 

I am very much guilty of this. Sometimes the news is so depressing, I don't keep up with any of it. Need to make it a habit to at least know the highlights. 

12. Not having cash in your wallet. 

Do you really need to swipe your debut card for that .99 fountain drink? It's always good to have some cash on hand just in case. 

13. Failing to floss

This might be because gross teeth really freak me out, but there is no reason to not clean your teeth. It keeps them pretty and saves you money at the dentist. 

14. Not balancing your checkbook. 

Or at least have a firm grasp on your budget, knowing what you can afford, knowing when you can splurge, and when you need to save. 

15. Holding onto unnecessary grudges. 

Guilty. People change, and even if they don't, don't let them affect your life now. 

16. Telling yourself you'll have time to do something later in your life. 

Right now you have the least amount of responsibility in your life that you will for a while. Take advantage of it. Take a trip unexpectedly, try something new you have been thinking about. You won't regret doing something different. You'll regret not even trying and time and opportunity will slip away from you.

17. Having someone else do your mending. 

At this point you should at least be able to stitch a button or sew a hole. If not, time to learn. 

18. Stop comparing yourself to others. 

You will always be better off and worse off than someone else. You can't help the situation someone else is in. You can change your own. Step up, stop comparing, and build the life you want. 

19. Stop avoiding confrontation. 

If there is a problem, deal with it. Letting it fester will only make it worse. Not everyone will like you and you won't like everyone.

20. Putting up with a flaky friend

(read crappy) We are way to busy to put up with drama and crap from people who are supposed to be our friends. Support and love on the ones that treat you right and don't worry about the rest, simply wish them the best. 

21. Refusing to take the trash out. 

It's way too easy to let trash pile up, with the mentality that someone will get it later. Take it out when it's full or please, when it smells. 

22. Neglecting family time. 

At this point, at least for a lot of people, you've probably learned that family is always there for you even as friends come and go. Make time for them. 

23. Not being comfortable saying no. 

I'm a people pleaser. I'm convinced I can do anything and everything and often I try. Be okay saying, "You know what, I would love to help but I have too much on my plate right now."

24. Not washing your bath towels and sheets every week. 

When you really think about it...eww. 

25. Stop worrying so much. 

You're only a fourth of the way there, stop trying to figure it all out and enjoy the ride :D