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I am so excited to announce our official launch! 

This has been a long time coming. I started crafting when we were in college to try and decorate our apartment for cheap and to try and help make ends meet! I would never change when we got married, but working part time and going to school full time definitely stretched us emotionally and financially.  Even though we dated, for what seems like forever before we got married, we had no idea what we were in for! Proud to say we both made it through and graduated last May and are a stronger couple for it! 

I started out using Facebook as a medium to promote what we made to friends and family. This worked out great for a while and kept me plenty busy (not that nursing school and marriage weren't already doing that). 

Recently we purchased a home, and have spent the last 7 months getting settled. We are no where near done with projects by any means, but it is finally starting to feel like OUR home, not a place that was for someone else's family. 

Now that we are getting settled into our new routines, I wanted to branch out further into the homemade crafting world. We have many goals in mind, from trying to get my things sold in local shops, to possibly opening an etsy account, and hosting a booth at some local craft events like the Flea off Market. I also have goals of keeping up with this blog to describe any of our DIY projects, or whatever else I might feel like sharing with you!

So there are several people I need to thank as we get this ball rolling!

Firstly I need to thank Aaron for putting up with many nights of me moving the coffee table in the living room of our apartment to use a crowbar on so many pallets. We could not have squeezed more into that apartment if we tried. He has been so helpful from encouraging me to helping me build and construct projects. 

Chelcey Tate was more than helpful with pushing me to take the next step and launch this page! She helped me from designing an awesome logo (which she can do for you too!) to helping me design my page and every question in between! 

I cannot thank you both enough, and am so exciting to get this journey started! Thank you to all of my friends and family for your support! Hope you enjoy looking around my website and keep a lookout on more to come! 

Happy Crafting!