Blush Lace Dress

So when family photos turn into a quick outfit session by Chelcey Tate, you know you've scored big in the relative department. This is one of my all time favorite dresses right now. I have worn it from anything to a wedding, to pictures, and a night out with friends. I am obsessed with the length of it, love being in a dress without constantly having to pull at the hem. Classier too! There is just something nice about having a dress that fits right, where you don't have to pull, stand up straight, worry about how much you ate etc. This is that dress for me. Plus it's the only piece of clothing I dry clean so it's fancy too :) 

And just because I couldn't resist posting another picture of this awesome arch, I had to include what I originally bought this dress for; one of our best friends weddings! (plus the hubs looks pretty spiffy here too). 



Outfit Details

Dress | Altar'd State
Leather Jacket | Dress Barn 
Ankle boots | Charlotte Russe


Photos by Chelcey Tate