2016 New Year's Resolutions


Happy New Year's Eve! Oh my goodness, has life been beyond crazy these past two months. Most of that can be attributed to my new job, plus we have the holidays thrown in there! As far as new year's resolutions go I'm picking only five, in hopes that I actually stick with them!

1. I really want to work hard on growing this space! It's been such a fun, creative outlet and I love sharing it with you! So this means balancing my work and home life better, and learning when to say no!

2. I have got to get work under control. I've been pulling 10 hour days, five days a week, for two months now and I just can't do it! (Explains my absence on here). It is way to hard to work that much, run a house, manage my business, and actually live my life too! Priorities is the goal people. I'm thinking by the summer, it needs to be a smooth sailing ship. 

3. It is cliche and I considered not even listing it. But with all the chaos this last year has held, my exercise (sans running around like a mad woman at work) has been wanting. We've made a lot of healthy eating changes this year in response to my iron levels, however I have got to step up my game! I tend to go from one extreme of being extremely dedicated, to the other of not bothering at all because I'm exhausted. So figuring out how to work in a regular routine, without killing myself would be the goal. 

4. I would really like to finish the last bigger house projects this year. We have a few that are going to be very long term due to cost (another bathroom, a bathroom reno, and a deck expansion, I accept volunteers), but I plan on finishing the basement floors and mudroom, the closet and hall doors upstairs, our bathroom sink, and the railing on the porch outside. We shall see!

5. TRAVEL! I want to travel as much as possible at this stage in my life. I got to go a fair bit of places last year, but I usually hesitate when it comes to the money. Well not in February! I just booked a flight to France to visit my sister one afternoon and we're going to make it work. I may not have the money, but later I won't have the time. So I better start making it happen!

2015 has been an awesome crazy year. I started blogging. Got a new job. Renovated a kitchen. Adopted our second puppy. Traveled to New York, Birmingham, St. Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Mississippi. Supported my husband's lacrosse team. Started selling my decor downtown. Attended the Make a Wish Foundation. Built barn doors, a stairwell, an entrance foyer, and painted more walls, furniture, and cabinets than I can count. (oh and built and installed a fence and pulled out bushes with a chain and a pickup. casual.) Between my husband working two jobs, and his mother's cancer diagnosis, I think we spent more time apart this year, than we have in the 11 years we've been together. Which has been weird. And we've fought, argued, and been rude to each other. But we have also had some of the most fun together. It's so nice to finally be done with school and to have a place to call our own! 

So here's to 2016. For getting my life together. Getting more sleep and doing more of the things I love. For getting stuff done. Spending time with friends and family. And travel. 

What does 2016 look like for you? What goals do you have? I'd love to know and swap ideas!